Should I be worried yet? We are 25 days away and I have not received my travel documents yet from WDW. I went through a TA so I know they will go to her first and then she will send them on but I have been reading where others have received theirs that are leaving after us.


Never hurts to call your TA and ask about it.


Disney, for some reason, is way behind lately. We are just starting to receive documents for the last week of September. If you went through a TA, they have to receive them and usually wait for DME documents (they come separately) and get them out to you. I would expect to see them sometime soon.


I just paid for my DL trip for 10/01/2006. The CM at Disney travel said they Fed Ex the documents 21 days out.



I’d definataly check with your TA…
We booked directly thru Disney and We have both our DME pack and also our hotel vouchers. The vouchers were the last thing we received and they got here on Saturday. (We arrive in Disney on the 24th of September)


We are due in Disney 9/29 and have only received our DME documents, they came last week. We are still waiting on the hotel documents too. We had booked our reservations directly through Disney. We’re hoping to see them by the end of the week or I’ll have to give a call to Disney reservations and inquire as to when they will be arriving.


Can’t hurt to call, but Mickey is the man with the knowledge. I’d trust his advice.


I received my initial documents from AAA last week. I was told yesterday the final documents will go out to me this week.


I would give it 1 more week and then if you still have not received them, chase them up. I used to be a TA here in the UK and we very rarely received tickets in the office outside of 2 weeks of travel dates. We normally had them just inside of 2 weeks and once we checked them through, we then called the client. dont panic too much just yet. :happy:


I got them!!! Now it really feels like we are going. 21 more days!!!

:mickey: :mickey: :mickey: :mickey: :mickey: :mickey: :mickey: :mickey:


Review them and kiss them… LOL


Just got ours too! Only 27 days left … YAAAAY!