Does anybody else


Does anybody else out there buy guide books before going to DLR or WDW, even though they’ve been there a million times and know the parks like the back of their hand?

I’m wondering if it is odd that before my yearly DLR trip I always buy Birnbaum’s guide even though I don’t need it. :blink: I just went in December, but I’m still buying a 2006 guide for my trip in June! I think I like to look at the pictures and get excited… :whistling


I buy the unofficial guide to WDW every single year. I read it cover to cover and read bits of it before bed almost every night…even after I’m done. I LOVE that guide. I also like the Passporter. I can’t get enough WDW guide books. I have been known to buy them and circle the errors and send them to the author…lol Yes, I seriously do. :eek:


Yes!!! It’s part of my “I’m so excited I’m going” tradition!


I read every guide book I can even though I feel like I know most of what’s in. It’s a bit of a Disney fix for me.


Oh yes, I always get the new guide books every year! You never know if there might be a new comment or sentence!! LOL!


or picture…lol


My goodness YES! Thank you Dana! :tongue:


Yep, I buy the Passporter every year.
I just can’t head to WDW without it.


I have never bought a WDW guide book but this year I DID buy the “Unofficial Guide” for DL. I feel like this is kinda my first “REAL” trip there b/c we are staying on property and will be in the parks for 4 days. Previously, I had only visited each park for one day while staying in the LA area.


I am a serial guidebook buyer! I ALWAYS buy Passporter, Unofficial Guide & Birbaum’s (the latter mostly for the pictures!) I don’t know why, but even if I know the books like the back of my hand, I don’t feel prepared unless I have them!


I’m a crazy one. I buy the Unofficial Guide, Birnbaum’s Guide, and a Passporter every year–and then I buy the little guidebooks (Disney Cruise Line–even though I’ve never been on a cruise and don’t have one in the foreseeable future, Disney Dining, etc…), too! I read them in the bathtub! :wink:


I’m a Birnbaum buyer. Love the pictures!!


how is the passporter ?? I was going to buy it the otherday … is it worth it ?


I was wondering this too. We aren’t going to WDW, but are returning to Universal Studios. It’s a surprise trip, so I was thinking of buying a guide for the trip down - maybe give it to the kids on the plane when they figure it all out.


The guides always help with new attractions and trends. Forewarned is forearmed.


This is the second year that I have bought it and I love it. It gives me a place to keep everything to do with the trip - copies of tickets, reservation info, trav. cheque info,…- and every bit of information you need is in there or you can write it in yourself. It’s hard to explain until you use it, but once you do you will buy one every year. I also buy the Unofficial Guide and the Birnbaum guide every year as well. This is just a treat more than a need. I have been buying Birnbaum for 20 years now and I don’t seem to be able to stop! There is something about having a Disney guidebook in your hand when you can’t be there. I think it stops me from going insane between trips, although I am sure my husband would say that it’s the opposite - it keeps my insanity at a high level between trips!!! Whatever, I love them all and will probably buy them every year whether I need them or not!!! :wub:


I feel so out of place. I’ve never… ever… owned one of the guidebooks… :ninja: :blush:


I have in the past, and now that you mention it, I’m going to again. :slight_smile: