Does anybody know?...dining plan question


We are thinking about getting the dining plan again for our Dec/ 2007 trip. The problem is this… when we had the plan for our last trip( which was 13 days), we REALLY got tired of needing to cut short whatever we were doing to get to our ADR’s. I must say we loved it for the first half of the vacation, but we wanted to be more spontanous later in the trip.
Sooo, here’s the question…
Can we use our sit-down credits for a counter service meal if we can’t get into any restaurant?
I will need to make 2 different bookings for our trip anyway, since Disney doesn’t allow a booking for more than 10 days if you book Magic your way plan. I just need to know how to divide the dining plan. I thought that we might go ahead & get the dining plan for the whole trip as long as the meals weren’t wasted.:blush:


I am not sure on this. Try pming mickey. He knows the paticulars. I have two seperate reservations for my upcoming trip and to the best of my knowledge, the dining plan doesn’t run into the next reservation. I have until midnight on check-out to use the the meals from the first part of the trip. I get my news ones (credits) at check-in for the second half, so I am not sure how it’s going to work…I am curious to see the answer, so I hope someone knows. Please post here if you find the answer. I know they are letting you use the TS credits for Counter service during the free dining plan promo, but am not sure if you are allowed to do that all the time or now…basically, I am clueless and am hitching on this thread to get the same answer for myself…lol


Can we use our sit-down credits for a counter service meal if we can’t get into any restaurant?
On our last trip in Jan 06 we had a couple extra table services at the end of our trip and we were told that we could use them on counter services. We stopped at Earl of Sandwich (which isn’t on the list for the plan 07 but is for 06) and picked up a couple of extra sandwichs for the trip home. So, as of that time you could, but they may have changed it or may change it next year.

My parents did the same on their trip a couple months before.


We used them for counter service meals last year as well. You might want to call right before you go to make sure. I would see an issue since they are asking people now to use counter service instead of table service. ( it benefits Disney)


I already know this. The dining plan doesn’t go from one reservation to the next. We’re doing three days at the AKL and then five at the Contemporary. We have to use all dining options from the first three days (Fri-Mon) by Monday midnight. whatever is left over then is gone. We then have five more days that start on Monday but end on Saturday. They’re starting a substitution of two counters when you trade in one table, but I think that’s a big waste. your sitdown dinner is pretty much the daily cost of the plan.
A few years ago, we also had meals left (gold plan was all sit downs) plus the coupon for Planet Hollywood. I took home a bunch of entrees from House of Blues, desserts and all, and just so I wouldn’t waste the PH coupon, an order of ribs from there as well.


I don’t understand how “not being able to change from a sitdown to a counter” benefits Disney. They would obviously be gaining since the cost of a sitdown would be much greater. I actually called them & the CM I got said I couldn’t switch anything around. A sitdown had to be used for a sitdown.
Now we really need to decide if this will work for us or not.:confused:


I don’t think it’s the issue of it NOT benefitting Disney, but they would have to change around all of their computer systems to accept this change. It might be a lot of work, who knows? If you’re so concerned about not wanting to eat at all of the TS places, then I don’t think you should get the dining plan at all. Just eat at your leisure. And if you want to eat all Counter Services, the dining plan won’t pay for itself anyway.


Yep, I think you’re totally right! We may just need to make 2 bookings with our table service meals planned for the start of our trip, and be casual for the second week.


That would TOTALLY work!!! GO FOR IT! :cool:


We just returned Wednesday. Along with all the other information they give you at check-in they hand you a sheet (like the one that goes along with the park maps for schedules) It has a big part about the dining plan which states something to the effect that if you cannot use your table service, feel free to use it at any counter service, but be sure to tell the CM, and you will get a voucher for something else (difference in price) I know one of the things on the voucher was a pin. I don’t remember the other things. I haven’t finished unpacking yet…if I run across the sheet, I’ll come back here and quote it.

Have a great trip!!


That’s what I’d do. A win, win situation.


I hope you find that, thanks for the info, no hurry for it… our trip is still a long way off. Please let me know if you come across that sheet.


Well that is cool to know!


Here it is…I don’t know if you’ll get the same at check in though, we were there the first day of free dining…

Due to the popularity of the Disney Dining Plan reservations are filling up quickly…As a special offer during your stay, if you choose to dine in any Quick Service locations using your Table Service entitlements, you will receive a certificate redeemable for your choice of the following: two (2) snacks, a collectible Disney Trading Pin and lanyard, or a ‘Where the Magic Lives’ poster featuring Mickey and his friends…"


I just got your info, & just wanted to say THANKS!


Another option is using your FS vouchers for character breakfasts. Do CS vouchers for lunch or dinner and buy the inbetween. (We often bagged up our CS desserts. Between those and snacks you can almost get a 3rd meal if you are light eaters.)


You know what? That is exactly what the CM said when I called the other day to see if there were any options for us. Very good possibility… we may still just do the meal plan for the first of our 2 weeks there, But my DBF says it was such a good deal that he’s willing to pay for it ahead & hope we can just get a seat somewhere when we get hungry. I usually do all of the planning… I don’t think fully grasps how hard it is to get a table a a restaurant. Oh well, we have a while to decide, our trip is not for another year, I just love planning, That’s all.


BTW, for our next trip (assuming we go this winter), Lil’pocahontas and I plan on doing two bookings to split the DP.

We camp at FW, and it stinks there are no CS places there. So on our “rest” days, we still have to leave FW to find food.

My random thoughts this year would be to do a 2-night stay at FW & actually camp (do our own cooking, etc.), then switch over to a 5-night package with tickets and DP, then end with a 2-day camping thing again. We’d really like to see more of FW this trip.


fw is a blast, but you are right - there is not a lot to do there…


My home resort FW :wub: Awesome during xmas time when everyone decorates their campsites and win prizes… :biggrin: