Does anyone else do this?


Ok while cooking dinner tonight I was reaching for a bowl and in the cupboard are popcorn buckets from AK, Fantasmic, MK and MK… and it reminded me that
I saw two things that totally shocked me at the parks this last trip.

first …people throwing away these buckets!!! I wanted to run rescue them from the trash. Ok so I resisted the impulse …but it was hard.

the other …at Epcot …people threw away what their children had made at the Kid stations … I must confess I have things the girls made way back when they stayed at the Baby sitting clubs and all the things they made at the Kid stations at Epcot.

So I wondered …do any DC members toss these things at the end of the night? and if so …could I just pay you S&H and you send them to me instead …the buckets and cups …not the things your kids made grin


hehe, ummm, I was guilty of taking home the cute plastic drink cups with the shadow of Cinderella’s castle on them. I aquired several of these from the bar next to the AKL pool after responsibly consuming their fruity and frosty contents. :whistling :wacko: :blink: :biggrin:


Tink, not only do I save the ones from the park, I also save the ones that I don’t use for popcorn, as a CM, we got all kinds of things for free. But some I have lost or used to keep the kid’s crayons and pencils.


lol Wish it was so hard for me not to go dumpster diving when I saw people throwing away cups and popcorn buckets.

FA …thats why I love you …you understand the value of Disney popcorn buckets.
why on earth would someone throw away these valuable things!!!


I have been guilty of throwing away DS’s Kidcot mask…we’ve never made it to all the stations and he doesn’t show tremendous interest in it. However, we have the passport book and I keep any and all cups and containers!!


Hey! I keep anything that could be reused and has any mention of Disney! Is that sad? I don’t care!


I’m trying to figure out how to get them without the popcorn (MJ is allergic to corn) as far as the kidcot things, I do toss those, but that is because we go sooo often if I didn’t they’d take over my house…


I’m REALLY bad about saving things…drink stirrers, cups, popcorn buckets(why else would you buy a bucket??), maps, napkins…unused of course! :tongue: I even made a special trip back to the hot chocolate stand when I noticed the special napkins for MVMCP!!

I always love the surprise when I go to use my fanny pack, bag or even a jacket pocket and find a Mickey napkin or Diseny memento-surprise in it…gives me warm fuzzies!

Also, as for kids art. We have everything they’ve ever done from Disney including the little coloring papers we got at Pinocchio’s restaurant in 1999!
I have TUBS of all of their work from Pre-k to present in my attic too…I can’t part with anything my kids make!! (They can’t either!!)


You can get them without the popcorn. All you have to do is ask the CM not to put the popcorn in it, but in 2 paper ones = 1 bucket.


My wife will actually pick up these popcorn buckets on the way out of the park at night if someone just leaves it on a bench or the ground. She has no shame. LOL The cupboards are full of them. We always give some to our friends kids who aren’t as lucky to go as often as we do.


We still have mulan popcorn buckets from DL a few years ago


I too am a member of the “Save Everything You Can From Disney” Club. I have all the menus that the kids colored on, all the buckets, the mickey plates the kids meals come on, the mugs, you name it. A few weeks ago, before this upcoming trip, I started serving the kids nothing but Disney cups, plates, etc- I even put the light up ice cubes in their water cups(from Sci-Fi). I think my DH is worried about me…I need to get a storage shed for the other things in my house so I can convert it to all Disney.


:laugh: Sounds like my house!! :laugh:


I save everything Disney. A few years ago they had a plsatic Mickey head in different colors at the end of wooden lollipop sticks in the magic kingdom - I havn’t seen them recently - anyway I bought like 10 of them and after we ate the candy I kept the sticks!! Still have them in my kitchen drawer :whistling and…I dont throw away anything my son makes! :wub:


all Resort keys and park tickets are in my photo albums.


I still have foil covered chocolates with the character’s faces on them that were put on my pillow at the Grand Californian during my trip in May of 2004! :blush:



ok I feel good knowing I am not the only one that saves everything … and … now I wish I had gone dumpster diving for the popcorn buckets !! I too have menu’s the girls colored at the different restaurants. So these sick people that toss away cups and popcorn buckets are not in the same class with us. And I am in very good company when it comes to saving the stuff the kids did :slight_smile:


I left DS’s ticket in a FastPass machine last trip. Does that count?

I have Disney napkins in a scrapbook from our '01 trip, but I don’t save that stuff anymore.


My 2½ year old DD swiped a cute little purse at one of the stores our last night at DL. I discovered it the next morning sans tags when we were frantically packing for our flight home. So we kept the evidence of her first criminal act and I am sure also brought home some bad Disney Karma with it… :pinch: :blush:

I still feel bad about that… eeesh…


This also happened to me, I felt bad about it and called the DLR and offered to pay for it. They told me not to worry about it, I now feel no guilt. You should do it to. :tongue: