Does anyone else think like me?


[COLOR=Blue] :mickey: Hello to all you out there. I think I am of the abnorm who rather enjoys MGM, over any other disney park. :blush: When we took our family last year, I was in awe. I guess because I wasn’t expecting it to be as tiggeriffic as it was. I mean, I knew that MK would be awesome, and it was don’t get me wrong, but I didn’t expect for fantasmic, and all the other things to be so great. Fantasmic was absolutely the best, hands down IMHO. :tongue:
Lets hear it for your favorite park and why :laugh:


Epcot is my favorite park,because I just love walking around the World Showcase peo-ple-watching.


I agree. MGM is mine and DW’s favourite park for the two big rides, TOT and RNR. I could alternate between those two rides all day. DD loves the Great Movie Ride (it needs updating, especially the movie in the pre-show). DS finally got the courage up to do RNR and now he loves it too.


My DH and I tried to get our DD’s on the ride, but at the last minute, my youngest chickend out so we didn’t get to go. In all actuality, my youngest is now the daredevil in the family and I will probably have to sit the next on out with my oldest.
I also thought the beauty and beast show was excellent! Just watching my DD’s be enthralled with it is was really worth the price of all our admissions!!
We were so blown away by it all! We had a very fun role play when we first entered the park. First, cruella actually yelled at me cause I took her picture while she wasn’t looking. And then my girls first didn’t understand when we told the wicked queen that they weren’t princesses. My youngest was like, but mommy, you always call me your princess. I had to explain to her that she(the queen) was farest in the land, heheheheh :whistling


Our family always has this discussion and my favorite park is… all of them! Oh alright I’ll pick just one if I have to, it would have to be Animal Kingdom. I like the way the park makes you feel like you’re really in other parts of the world. I know I’m probably in the minority but it’s got some differences from the other parks and has some great rides to make it more than just a zoo. Remember. it’s NAHTAZU. :laugh:


You know, reading each message, I’m sitting here agreeing with them all!!!
I love the Animal Kingdom ( I can’t quite put my finger on why, but I just LOVE it). MGM is so cool— I’m just always so happy there (love The Movie Ride). This year was the first time I went to Epcot, left my Husband and son (3) at the Resort to enjoy the “POOL”! It was just me, my daughter (9) and my best friend/cousin with her three daughters—Girls Day Out! :laugh: :frostyang We had the time of our lives going from Country to Country being so silly. I loved Epcot!! So I guess my answer would be, If I had to choose which Park could remain open? It would have to be Magic Kingdom-----WOW!!! Wishes really do come true. It’s the BEST!!! :laugh:


MGM is our favorite park as well. DD, DH and myself like the rides and atmosphere at MGM. I especially like it for the bygone era; I think in a former life I was raised in that era.


MGM is our favorite park, too! Guess you aren’t so abnormal after all! I love the World Showcase very much, but for our family, MGM is tops. WE make it our first and last stop of every vacation, plus plenty of visits in between!


Sorry, but nothing says Disney to me like the Magic Kingdom. Probably the biggest reason I enjoy it the most is for just sheer nostalgic reasons. I got the biggest surprise on my June 2004 trip by enjoying Animal Kingdom as much as I did. I LOVED that place!


MK is always #1 in my mind but last year I learned how totally great EPCOT is!! Talk about feeling like being in different parts of the world ~ Epcot definitely does that!!! I like MGM too just not my fav!! I was really disapointed in the backlot tour!! :sad:


im with you on this one Tinkermommy, I just looooovvvveeee MGM! MK was by far, my favorite for the first couple of years that I came to WDW but MGM has really taken over for me. DH’s fave is Epcot so we fight constantly over where we go each day…it’s quite funny!
I don’t think there is one specific thing that draws me to this park over others as there is so much there from Beauty and the Beast show, RRC, TOT, Muppets and of course…the Little Mermaid!!! I think it’s definately the one to offer the most but of course for the overall WOW factor of WDW… nothin’ can beat the Castle! :wub:


Sorry guys, I have to rep MK! Its the first park and though I love em all, my heart is just at MK.
Maybe it’s the first theme park I was ever at or the fact thats the park I worked at.
Epcot is so great to walk around in and Ashley and I love it but it’s still second.
MGM is way too small, though Ashley and I love ToT and Fantasmic.
If Mgm was bigger and did something about the studio tour, got some better restaurants, and updated lots of the shows, It could be a contender! Oh well it still beats AK though!


MGM was a bit boring for us honestly. We did quite a bit but felt it wouldn’t be worth a $54 ticket(we got the $99 5 day hoppers on a military special so I am glad we did it but we would only run in to do TOT, RNRC and Fantasmic and then leave and go to MK or AK)


MGM is probably our 3rd favorite park but I have to say it has grown on us quite a bit as our kids have gotten older. Overall, we enjoy it very much! :laugh:


My favorite is MK. I always save it as the last park I visit and I spend the most time there on each trip. I can just ride those rides over and over again! :wub:


It used to be MGM, but I think as I’ve gotten older I’ve developed a true appreciation for MK all over again. It’s ultimate Disney & truly brings out the kid in me. I find I need to start & end my trips there anymore.


I Agree with you about the bygone era, it is a very relaxing park. Although EPCOT is my Fav, I change like the seasons.
Den :laugh:


I would have to say we’ve had kids, MK all the way! I am one of those Moms who just to catch a glimps of my kids’ faces as they walk in brings me to tears of joy!! So corny,i know but, thats what its all about! :wub:


The best thing in the world is to walk out of the Indiana Jones show at dusk, whne the air is cooling off but still warm, and it’s getting dark, and all the lights are on, and you can see Star Tours and the jungle-y Indiana Jones area, and you walk around Echo Lake to Great Movie Ride, and all the lights int eh trees are twinkling, and the crowd has gotten lighter, and you treat yourself to a Mickey bar and a soda, and you sit on a bench and look down Hollywood Boulevard toward the front gate, with all its cool buildings and neon lights…


I have to agree with you TOT and RnR are two of the best rides.