Does anyone have a picture of


a German chocolate chip cookie that’s sold in the Germany pavilion in Epcot? Someone was recently telling me about them, and they sound delicious!! They told me that the cookie is more like a cake because it’s fat and doughy, and it has German chocolate cake icing on it. I am dying to see a picture, so if you’ve got one, would you post it for me? I would so appreciate it!:happy:


I don’t have a picture of it, but I suddenly want one after reading your description…:laugh:


I don’t have one either but that sure does sound delicious!!!


I know!! I want one too. It actually sounds like something I could make if I could just see it. I think I could wing it.


Is this the one you are talking about?

Google Image Result for

Looks delishhh!:wub:


OMG!!! That looks soooooooo good!!! :wub:


Wow - I’ve never seen one of those - never even heard of it. It looks yummy!


Thats fat free.wink wink!


are those on the DDP? as a snack?


Ok… clicking on that link was a mistake. Now I totally want one. YUMMO!!!


German Chocolate cake is my FAVORITE dessert of all time…I’m going to get one of those cookies on our upcoming trip…I may even get two!


OK, it’s only 7:30am and I already want one of these cookies. :laugh: Looks like a great breakfast.


It’s never to early for cookies!:happy:


[QUOTE=mickeymotto;854136]Is this the one you are talking about?

Google Image Result for

Looks delishhh!:wub:[/QUOTE]

Sure looks like what my friend described!! Oh, YUM!!! Thank you for posting the picture!!:happy:


I know what I’m buying at Germany in December. Chocolate and coconut together? Oh yum!! Think I’ll get me a Mounds bar later.:wub:


Yowza. That looks amazing!! :wub:


I was excited until I saw the coconut. That killed it.:frown:


:huh:I might have to try one of those when we go in November, they sound yummy! I love all the yummy food in the country’s in EPcot!:blush:


Think of it this way, it is afternoon somewhere in the world (also works for having a coctail :laugh::laugh:). For us people that work nights, this is our dinner time also. So eat away!


I found out you can get these cookies at the Candy Cauldron in DTD too!