Does anyone have Disney's mailing address?


Hi everyone,

I just returned from my long weekend trip, and I feel the need to write Disney a letter. The only problem is, I cannot locate a mailing address. Does anyone have some inside info on where I can mail a letter???

Thanks in advance


You can email

or - you can send a regular letter to:
Walt Disney World Guest Communications
PO Box 10040
Lake Buena Vista, FL 32830-0040

Hope this helps!


is it a good letter or a bad letter???


I was thinking the same thing. Do tell…regardless of good or bad.


um, yes, details please!!!


gosh, I want to know too. We are a nosey bunch, hehe


I wanted to know too, so I am very glad you guys asked…waiting:whistling:whistling:whistling:laugh:


Maybe she is busy writing the letter. :laugh:


Spill the beans, please! :laugh:


Okay, guys, here is the short version…I am sorry that I haven’t gotten back sooner…catching up at work and school…(I work full time, have a full college load, and have a family…whoa…makes me dizzy just thinking about it…).

Any way, my DS and I went to see the mouse a week or so ago. We have been through a pretty rough time the last few years and this was supposed to be a fun and exciting trip. We got the Give a day, get a day tix and decided to upgrade to a park hopper for the day…((I will fill ya’ll in on that later…wow is all I can say…))…and yes, if anyone is wondering, you can upgrade to a park hopper for the one day…at $54 per person if you aren’t a FL resident. FL residents get a break for $27 per person.

It seemed that almost EVERY attraction that my DS (who is 10) wanted to go on, closed just as we got to the que, or after standing in line for 30 minutes…“technical difficulties”…whatever… He was SO disappointed for most of the day. There is nothing more heartbreaking than watching the excitement drain from the face of a child. Needless to say, he didn’t get to do Space Mountain, or the Rockin Roller Coaster, to name a few… SO…I am writing a letter!!!

I totally understand that “things” happen, and the rides need to shut down for whatever reason, and it happens…that’s fine. But everywhere we went, when he decided he wanted to go on something, it kept happening. He is still mad. I may have let it go if he wasn’t still talking about it, but he is really “P/O’d”. It’s pretty bad when he says he’s “DONE” with Disney. Makes me sad…=(


I too noticed that the major rides seemed to be having difficulties while we were there last week. Pirates, Splash, Space Mt. We were fortunate to get around that, but I’m starting to be a bit concerned about the condition of the parks.


When we were there a few weeks ago, I know runaway railroad was down a lot and space mountain a few times and even the wedway. But not while we were waiting in line. After standing in line, did the CM give out fastpasses? A few years ago, we had COP goes crazy and saw the same era about 5 times and philamagic (sp) died partway thru and both times we were just ushered out. Once my DGD was on Goofy’s barnstormer and it broke down and they got an “any ride, any time” type fast pass.


Yes a few were being refurbed whilst we were there. For example Small World :frowning: But there is no explaining that to a child, and it made me sad he says he’s done with Disney. Good luck with your letter, I would be interested to know how Disney respond to it.


Thanks everyone!!

And, no, we didn’t get anything for the wait…(((I wonder about the condition of the parks too.)))
I know that a lot of hard work goes into keeping the place in “tip top shape”, but I wasn’t impressed with my visit this time.

Lots of refurbishment going on…mainly in Fantasyland at MK, ((and we hopped from MK, to HS, to Epcot, and back to MK in one day…Talk about a marathon of park hopping…))

I will always give Disney another chance…hopefully my DS will too.

I will write up a full report as soon as I can. =)