Does anyone have pictures of 1br at AKV?


My DS is talking wedding sometime early next yr so of course disney is for the honeymoon. He wants to see pictures of the different one bedrooms at the different resorts, but the DVC site only has pictures for the new building, not jumbo house. There are one bedrooms there, right?


Jo-jo, here you go:

Animal Kingdom Lodge Villa Models Photo Gallery


Thankyou as I am hitting myself in the head…ouch, ouch, ouch…I mean I look at Deb’s site almost at much as MB. How dumb can I be? I know I’m sleep deprived after spending at week with a 3 yr old. How come I need more naps than she does???


Here is another good site with a slideshow: Disney’s Animal Kingdom Villas Resort


A big thankyou to also.:happy: