Does anyone have the gloves to cinderella and belle costume?


HI all~
I was wondering if anyone have the gloves to the cinderella and or the belle costume and willing to sell them to me?
I purchased the 2 costumes and forgot to buy the gloves. :eek: I checked in all the Disney stores around my way and nothing. :crying:
My 2 DD’s wear the costumes when we eat with the princesses and I would love to have the complete costume. If you have the gloves and are willing to sell them to me please let me know. :heart: Thank You!!!

P.S. -------I didnt know where to put this thread. Sorry if this is in the wrong place


I don’t have any, but I got curious and found a few things around:

Belle Gloves

This same seller, the Princess Palace, also seems to have Cinderella gloves, too.

If no one has any for you, maybe this will help!

I obviously don’t have enough to do this evening. :tongue: