Does anyone have the link (or address) for


I can’t seem to find where the official website link for Disney costumes is. I thought that I was on the Disney store website & found adult costumes there, but I can’t find it anymore. Maybe it wasn’t there at all. I intend to make my own, but really wanted some color ideas also sometimes you kind of need to combine a few different patterns to make a vision come to life. (There’s also the possibility that if the price is right that I may just buy.) If anyone knows where the official Disney costumes are online, could you post a link, please?:wub:


Have you tried Halloween Costumes for Adults, Teens & Kids - Halloween Party Supplies – BuyCostumes ?

Search: disney - TV & Movie Characters - Costumes


No, but I will try right now, thanks.


That’s actually the website that I had found previously, thanks so much! It’s exactly what I wanted.


Thanks for the links!!!
We are looking for adult costumes for MNSSHP this fall!!!

Prezcatz Paul


It’s a pretty cool website, I might even get the Idiana Jones one for my son since he’s into that right now. (I originally wanted us to go as pirates but we’ll see.)


Thanks for the links…We need costumes for MNSSHP too.


Wow, you can be anybody. Isn’t that site amazing. Better hurry ordering. They have run out of the most popular costumes way before Halloween! I know, it happened to me I had to go as one of the Munchkins because I waited to long :blink:


OK< so DBF wants me to ask if we can actually dress up as characters or just dress up as other things. He thinks we can’t. So, can I make a costume of snow white, for example?