Does anyone have this Tinkerbell pin?


I just love this :tinkerbell: pin so very much! :heart: Does anybody have it & would consider some sort of trade or something? I very rarely want a pin so badly I’d bother to ask but I just :heart: this one so very much!


WOW, that is a cool one . . . we have 4 from that series but not that one . . . I’ll keep an eye out for ya when we go to WDW in March!


thank you! :heart:


Sorry Wish, don’t have that one…we do have the donald duck and the minnie mouse one from this series…I’ll also keep an eye out for you.


Nope, sorry Jess. Is the pin actually black and white, or is that the way the photo came across? It sure is cute!


yeah, it’s actually black & white. Just like it looks.


Oh, I likey!!


I too shall keep a weather eye our for ye!:happy:


Just wanted to mention it is available on Ebay…

Disney Hidden Mickey Series Tinker Bell Silhouette Pin - eBay (item 140207313533 end time Feb-18-08 17:04:07 PST)


Thank you Daisee :heart:

I looked it up on eBay and saw a couple auctions for JUST THIS ONE PIN ending over $20-$25.!!! :ohmy: That’s crazy, is this a rare pin or something? I have no idea!! I am going to keep an eye out on all the auctions but I just WILL NOT spend more than $12. on it! :mellow: That’s just kinda wacky-nu-nu!


I love this pin but sadly dont have it nor have i ever seen it, but I too will keep an eye out for you.


We don’t have that one either…cool pin though.


Thank you, I appreciate everyone keeping an eye out! :heart:


I don’t blame you, I think it is kinda high myself. I think because they are new for 2008, you will see more of them available soon.


it prob just needs to be circulated more and then you will find it- Ill keep my eye out for you on our trip (no promises that Em wont keep it though- tink is her absolute favorite!)


Ive never seen that one before but its lovely!


I might be able to get it…I don’t know yet.


I sent you a PM not sure you got it?

I saw this on ebay . . . you get 6 pins buy it now with shipping works out at 9.12/pin . . . you could always relist the others and get some money back?

DLR Hidden Mickey Silhouette set of 6 pins Tinker Bell - eBay (item 190199092269 end time Feb-21-08 19:11:33 PST)


Here is some info and people trading it.:smile:
Pin Pics: Pin Groups


This is great, thank you for everybody’s help. I did get your PM mickeygirlz but i went to the Dr. last night & have strep :sad: So i’ve been sleeping a lot & didn’t check here very much the past 24 hours! That seller had that SAME group of pins listed last week & when nobody bought them for a highb “Buy it Now” it looks like he relisted. I’ll keep my eye on it! :smile:

Ready2Go, I had NO idea there was a website like that I’ll have to see if any of those traders would be willing to trade something for it :smile:

Thank you.