Does anyone know debbie of POR and POFQ fame


just curious ,over the years of going to POR …debbie ,the one with mickey gloves on ,works in baggage handling she is quite the personality,you would know her by her very red hair …just wondering if she has touched others,we look forward to seeing her every trip


I have never seen her at the POFQ that I recall. I have stayed there twice, but if she mainly works at POR that would make sense. Hope to see her when I am there in August and will make sure to look for her. There are so many CMs that touch our lives…I wonder if they know how speical they make our WDW vacations?


I will look for her in June:happy:


oh yes, we have had fun conversations with her. Of course we only see her when leaving for home :sad:


before magical express,which we don’t use,she was always out front with mickey gloves on waving to cars coming in with people coming in to check in …she is really a cool lady,even when we stay at SSR we always make it a point to go up and say hi…she has the true spirit of disney


You need to tell some one this at WDW…


once just for a stroll round disney


I totally agree if she is into the true disney spirit Nd makes others day magic then her managers need to know. It sounds that if she is in different resorts she must like to work at certain times and gets different resorts to keep that same shift. I did the same thing cause I didn’t want to work nites so I got a chance to resort hop to different front desks jobs, but my home resort was fw. maybe someone at casting management should be contacted or the manager at por.


I have…being in the business I am in ,I usually call to compliment,not to complain,like this past weekend we went out for a casual dinner at cheesecake factory got a great waitress and called quickly today to give her a shout out…I very rarely call if its bad I leave that to others


mainly POR ,ocasionally POFQ,to fill in…


I love it when a CM is really enjoying themselves. Make the day terrific for everyone they meet!


It does make it so much nicer!


We see her almost every trip to POR. We’ve talked to her many times and you’re right. She’s what Disney is all about. If we see her next month I’ll have to tell her she’s famous on MB.:laugh: