Does anyone know if BWV is going to be refurbish this fall?


I have a waitlist a studio for BCV and BWV for 12/6 -12/11. I call from time to time and a few times there is a day at BCV, but never anything for BWV. I just wonder if I should give up the BWV wait list and try someplace else. I know early Dec is busy for DVC, but it just seems odd not to find any days ever for BWV.


Which ‘view’ did you waitlist at BWV, I know the ‘standard studios’ are HARD to get because there are SO few of them.


The wait list if for preferred, but I’ve called to check and asked for any view- studio. I guess next time I call, I’ll ask MS.


In response to your thread title, this is from

BoardWalk Room Refurbishment Details, Timeline
Written by Tim Krasniewski
Friday, June 05, 2009 11:00AM
Reports have been making the rounds–both on the DVCNews Forum and elsewhere–that refurbishment work is beginning at Disney’s BoardWalk Villas. We’ve got the scoop on exactly what upgrades are on tap and the timeline for completion.

Exerior work on the building has already begun, along with replacement of the roof on the villa wing. The exterior repairs are scheduled for completion in September 2009 while the roof replacement is expected to conclude in early November '09.

Work is also progressing in the hallways and common areas of the resort with new carpet and wallcoverings being applied.

But the most noteworthy changes will occur within the villas themselves. Following is a list of replacements and upgrades scheduled for each unit in Disney’s BoardWalk Villas:

All unit will be painted
New carpet, drapes and bedspreads
Flat panel TVs and DVD players
New armoire
New dishwasher, range, refrigerator and microwave
Existing furniture–including sofas, coffee tables and headboards–will be refinished and/or reupholstered
Some in-room work has already begun but officially the bulk of the villa refurbishment work will occur from August 2009 to January 2010.


Here are some photos I found on another site. I love the new lamps!

BWV Rennovation Photos - The DIS Discussion Forums -


A few days ago, I did call MS and ask and was told “no rehab”. So maybe because it’s scheduled to end in Nov., she told me no. I don’t know, just that there is never a day at any view studio the 12/6 -12/11.


[QUOTE=DisneyTeacher;969974]Here are some photos I found on another site. I love the new lamps!

BWV Rennovation Photos - The DIS Discussion Forums -[/QUOTE]

Oh gosh, me too, they are soo cute!!:happy: