Does anyone know what changes were made to Tower of Terror?


I’ve seen that changes were made to Tower of Terror for Summer Nightastic and now I hear that these changes will be retired after August 14.
So, who can tell me what is different and if they will leave them in place, at least for the rest of August.
The reason is, if it reverts to normal on August 15 or if there really isn’t any difference, I can save about $30 on a room at one of the values when room rates change to value season. That $30 savings would cover my tolls.


Didn’t Tigger just get back from Disney? I think he said he did not want to spoil the changes for anyone who wanted to go and see it for themselves. Why don’t you PM him? I am sure with enough persuasion he will give up the changes to you.


Persuade Tigger?:rolleyes:
Don’t make me laugh!:frostyang
I certainly should have no problem getting him to tell me.


Ok, do tell, what do you have up your sleeve, a taser gun?


Nothing that drastic.
You’ve seen the garbage that flies back and forth between Tigger, Boss Mouse, and me.
You don’t dump that much garbage without being friends.
I could also PM DT, she just got back. In fact, I’m now kicking myself because when I called her in the red phone booth, I could have asked her.


I am all for the garbage flying around here on MB. Thats what keeps us on our toes most days.


If anyone wants to know i just got back yesterday just send me a message and ill tell you i dont want to spoil it for anyone who doesnt want to know :slight_smile:


OK, I called one of the guest services numbers and it took some doing (mostly because the two cast members I spoke with apparently have never even been on the ride).
Seeing as there are only 13 more days before it reverts, here’s the deal.
They have temporarily reprogrammed the drop sequence so that it is the same every time and the sequence is imported from Tokyo. The effects are pretty tame. Instead of the hallway with the ghosts when you exit the first shaft, it is now just a star field.
Once you’re in the main shaft, when they take your picture, there is a display that shows you the picture. On a subsequent ride to the top, they again show you the picture, but some of the riders are missing.
The CM who told me this agreed with me that they will probably keep this feature going forward, because, after all, they spent good money to install and program the display and the software.
The drop sequence and star field will most certainly be gone on August 15.
Over all, it really isn’t that different.

I hope I haven’t ruined the ride and surprise for the rest of you too much.

Edit: I posted this before I noticed Disney Chick had posted that she’d been on the ride and to PM her.
Which brings me to this question: Disney Chick, why didn’t you PM me?!


Ok seeing that someone had to go and try and ruin it for everyone I will spill what I know…from riding it and talking to people locally.

***** SPOILER ALERT ****
don’t read past this if you don’t want to know what really happens on ToT Nightastic!
***** SPOILER ALERT ****

You get on the elevator and they takes you up a floor. You see the ghost get zapped and disappear. While they are getting zapped by lighting you get flashed. Scene ends, doors close, and they shoot you up a floor. Doors opens and you are starring at yourself. You fade away so it is just an empty car and then a star field. They run this type of sequence again during the ride.

It is a pretty neat effect and a nice change up for people that ride ToT a lot.

They really didn’t do much other then add a camera and re-programmed one of the effects with a pretty simple parlor trick. As well as turned off some of the other effect in the pre-show ride. If this was the ride I would be disappointed but it is just a temporary overlay to get people to HS during the summer (Nightastic is being heavily advertised in central FL so they made it a little different and mysterious to get people to check it out).

The drops are still randomized. I know this because our rides were different. But there is an extra drop at the end that was the same each time. This is also what I had heard from people locally, that they added an extra drop at the end.

The night I was there the tower was lit a little different and there was some smog.

From what I have heard they originally were only going to have the Nightastic effect running after 6pm but made the decision to run it all day during the event dates. It will go back to the original at the end of the Nightastic event.

There you go. I hope everyone is happy.


I hear that they made it REALLY scarey. The first stop has Boss in his Toga. :eek:

But the second stop has them loosing bodily function control…

video of Boss’ Infamous EPCOT Fountain Streaking Event. :wacko::blow::nonono2:


:laugh::laugh::laugh::laugh::blow::blow::whistling:whistling[QUOTE=rlcarmichael;1042644]I hear that they made it REALLY scarey. The first stop has Boss in his Toga. :eek:

But the second stop has them loosing bodily function control…

video of Boss’ Infamous EPCOT Fountain Streaking Event. :wacko::blow::nonono2:[/QUOTE]


Well, I got a PM from Rowdy today and I see that Tigger has posted in thread as well.
It looks like the info I got from CMs yesterday might not be entirely correct.
I was going to edit out my description, but now it looks like I don’t need to.
I will be going up either the end of this week or the beginning of next week. I’m still not sure if I’ll do it as a day trip or overnight. The thought of paying $100 for a room at Pop is really steep (and that’s discounted).