Does anyone know what is going on with El Pirata y el Perico Restaurante?


Is it still open seasonally? What did they do after ending the test buffet there? Is it back to normal now?


When we were there in Dec 05 the guide map said it was open on Saturday (the first day we were there). Unfortunately, we didn’t see this on the map until Sunday… :crying: This is my 2nd favorite counter service place in the MK, right after Cosmic Rays. I miss it so much. The taco salad there is AWESOME!!!


OMG !!! That is my favorite thing there!! Isn’t it great ?


I’ve never eaten there because every time we go it is closed! I thought the test buffet menu looked good, but I think that was just a thanksgiving time. I’m going down next week, so I’ll post what I find.


I can’t wait to hear what you find, Karliebug. I miss El Pirata y el Perico.
Hopefully, they see the light, and keep this restaurant open ALL the time!

I hadn’t even heard about the test buffet…I wonder how it worked out…


It is back to being closed right now. It was open during the Christmas week from about 11am-4pm, but it is now empty again. Which is really a bummer, since it’s the only restaurant in Adventureland.


It is a bummer, Ginger! But, thanks for the update :c)


Thank you all for the info. Does anyone know if it will be open in the first week of Feb. ? Ginger??


Doubtful since it’s a slow time, but if I find anything out, I will be sure to post it for you. :mickey:


Thanks !!=) that is why we keep missing it. We only go during value season anymore and it is never open. People really seem to love that place, I don’t understand why it is only open seasonally.