Does anyone know what night(s) Boma serves their ribs?


I’ve always heard they are soooo good. We have never had them and would love to try them next trip. We have had the ribs at Jiko and LOVED :wub: them! Just wondering if they are anything like that. Would love to hear from anyone who knows.


Wednesdays and Saturdays. They are great. Boma has such a wonderful different assortment of spices that makes them special. Just love them.


Thanks Beth. Now I just have to remember this.:pinch:
Have you ever had the ones from Jiko? I was just wondering if they were similar?


I wish. Jiko is just a little too fancy for dh. I keep telling myself that I will get there some day, probably on a women’s weekend with my sister and Mom. Actually, I didn’t even know Jiko had ribs also. Would love to try them.


The ribs are REALLY good at Boma! When I go to Boma, I make sure to schedule it on a Wed or a Sat. I’m a very picky eater and I really love Boma! YUM!


Thats good to know. I really really love the BBQ ribs at Jiko but don’t want to waste 2TS credits there next trip. I have some other signatures planned for that trip.