Does anyone know where I can find cheap flights


I looked online at priceline and and they both gave me non-stop flights with delta flying from FLL to LAX but it came out to 346/person which kinda really hurts. lol!


To be honest that’s pretty good. I’ve flown from Newark to LAX about 6 times in the past 4 years and we’ve never paid under $320. I used to live in South Florida (West Palm) and even out of Fort Lauderdale I always noticed the flights were actually MORE expensive to LAX than I pay here leaving from NJ.


Is that round trip or each way?


Dang! b/c my brother said that that price is expensive for airline tickets.

thats for roundtrip.


It would have been a couple of years ago, but with airlines cutting routes left and right, there are fewer flights and therefore the flights are more expensive.
I have mixed feelings about it, since I’m an airline employee. I’d like to actually get a raise someday:heart:, so I want those rates higher, but I also buy my tickets, so I don’t want them to be too expensive:frown:. Talk about conflicted!:confused::confused:


I’m having the same problem looking for flights for easter week. I have a t mobile buy 1 get 1 promo code and it still comes up to $900 for 4 of us rt. I’m looking for a ding from SWA. Have you tried the ding download?


Try They seem to have the some of the cheapest airfares available.


We just booked our tickets for Sept round trip from CA to FL for 266 on Hotwire a week ago. We also got flights cheap for Jamaica there last year. Check it out…


what exactly is the ding download!


DING is a program you download at Southwest .com. Once you have the program you will be sent specials deals, or dings, from SWA.


Ok don’t know what Lax is sorry but i use jetBlue cunno if that helps


Just like DT said its a program on SWA website. I’m still waiting for a ding for april from phila to orlando. Ill give it till end of feb :laugh:


sweet! I got that ding thing. thank you for telling me about that. I’ll keep on looking.


Try directly with Jetblue. They aren’t on expedia. Jetblue flies into Long Beach, which isn’t that far from Disneyland… :wub:


I’m looking at flying to Vegas from Orlando would it be worth me dowloading the ding thing too?? and would anyone recommend an airline over another one. We have done this Vegas trip before but can’t remember who we used-thank you in advance


For price, SW airlines rocks! They have no frills, but get you where you are going. Sign up for the ding. We went to disney in Dec. and got $60 fares each way.


Adios Airlines.

You fly over your destination and jump. Adios.


Have you tried some local travel agencies… Maybe its just over here but some of the local travel agencies have some good prices.