Does anyone know


We are going during free dining! WOOOHOOO! My Dh wants to know how much more it would be to upgrade to deluxe dining. And is it really necessary? Is the regular dining plan pretty good?


I think that the regular dining plan is more than enough… You get one sit down meal per day, one quick meal per day, and one snack… You might eat one more meal per day… but we were stuffed with those meals…

Deluxe is 3 sit downs per day, plus the time that it takes to do those sit downs… Just factor that into your decision. for some it is not worth the time. I do find the one sit down per day a welcome break for the legs, though…


Ya it definitely takes more time thats for sure. We have done a deluxe plan in the past, but we have never done the regular plan. I am thinking that should be enough, my dh doesnt. I know on our last days of the delux plan we bought other people meals so we would use them!

Is it alot more for the deluxe?


I agree with hanwill.

Something to think about: We had the deluxe plan once and enjoyed just eating a sit down breakfast at some shnazzy restaurant rather than just grabbing a roll and coffee, and for dinner a “2 credit” dinner at the Yacht Club, Flying Fish, etc. I think it was worth it.

I guess I am no help, huh?

Last year it was around $ 70 a day for deluxe and a little more than half that for the regular plan


We will only do the regular plan and at that we have always had snacks to use up the last night. When you are running around in the parks the two meals is about right. and if you did want a quick extra meal it would be cheaper to buy one on the run than to have the deluxe and have to use it or loose it. my opinion the regular is the best option.
good luck


Just book a couple of buffets and you will get more than enough food! We ate at Tusker House for lunch one day and couldn’t eat anything the rest of the day! We were so full!


We never eat all the food on the regular plan, so I’m sure I’d never get DH to go for the deluxe. However, I really like what Dopey said about eating a great breakfast and then a fabulous dinner each night. Maybe if DH and I ever go without the kids, but for our family the regular plan is more than enough.


We have done it three times, and all three times we thought the Deluxe was worth it. The regular is great if you just want to eat and move on. But to us? Disney has some of the best restaurants anywhere. Okay, maybe not the “best” but I simply cannot think of a wider assortment of great restaurants all in one place. We do a single meal for breakfast and a 2 credit meal for dinner every day and eat WONDERFUL food. I would NEVER say it it isn’t worth it. We love great food, and Disney has never let us down.


One other thing, it is around $70 per person per day. We have tallied up our receipts the past two years and we always came out hugely ahead. After you do Cinderella’s Royal Table, California Grill, and countless others, it is well worth the money. Our anniversary dinner alone this year at Cali Grill was over $150 in food alone.


I agree with cjtownman, for our family the DDP works out great. We usually do two meals a day with our 3 points, if we get hungry in the afternoon we use our snack points. If we have snack points left at the end of the trip we just get snacks for the plane ride home.


Now there is another way to think of it… But are there enough 2 credit places to justify doing this, for, say a week? I know that Le Cellier just got added to the list.


yes there are enough places. some places are wonderful enough for a second visit :wink:


Sounds like a lot of food. Maybe you should go in March so you can share it with friends!!!


NOOOO go with us in June!! when did you decided to go in March? HMMM march? how long are you going for? we would love to go with you guys again!


NOOOO go with us in June!! when did you decided to go in March? HMMM march? how long are you going for? we would love to go with you guys again!

Three nights at Disney and a three night cruise. Just what the kiddos want! We could do a hummer limo again!!!


We were able to use the free dining plan on our trip a few weeks ago. It was the first time using it, and it was free so why not? It was my wife and I with the 2 kids (under 3) so the plan was for the adults.

What we got:

1 counter service and 1 table service per person (per day)
plus 20 snacks (since we stayed 10 days) so 10 per person.

How we used it:

Made dinner reservations (180 days in advance) for 8 of our 10 days with 2 character breakfasts.
Since we had a table reservations just about everyday we used 1 counter for breakfast with snacks and 1 for supper with snacks. It was more than enough to feed the kids and my wife and I split a lot of things.

Our total for the 10 days would have been around $900-$1000. The meal plan was a free promo for us so we saved huge on just that. We actually only spent $400 for the 10 days which was for stuffed animals, misc foods, and gifts etc…

Remember though you do have to pay the tip in plan, some people didn’t understand that in our party and thought it was all included. The bigger your dinner party the higher the percentage.