Does anyone need reservations at SOG...?


I have reservations for December 19th-January 5th that we will not be
using.:crying::frown: I just looked at thier website and was surprised that
they are not completly booked for all those dates but I am sure at the
end they will be. If anyone is qualified talk to me maybe we can call them
and make arrangements.


PS folks, I will be waiting right to the 30 days mark cancel/change before
I give them up. Just in case I hit the lottery or I find a big enough cork
for my backside!!:eek::laugh::laugh:


Sorry you can’t use the ressie yourself Franco :crying:


Hey Franco, question for you… Can anyone dine at Mangino’s or is it for military only?


FRANCO DAHLING…I’m soooooooo happy to see you post, even if it was a sad post. :pinch: I’ve missed you so much and have been thinking of you.
I hope things soon get better for you.