Does anyone remember Restorante Carnevale


Does anyone remember Restorante Carnevale?
It’s was located in the Dolphin.
My wife was cleaning out some old boxes today and came upon some old menus from Disney.
I don’t recall it. Looks like it was where the Fresh Mediterranean Market is now.
I’m kinda amazed that both the Swan and Dolphin had hi end looking Italian restaurants.
Dolphin also had Sum Chow’s. Oriental restaurant… and again Swan had Kimono’s.
We even found a menu from Ariel’s in the Beach Club. That was one of our favorites.

At Yachtsman, Kansas City Strip was $ 23.95 and that included a baked potato. No kidding.

These are fun.



I know that dining at the Dolphin has changed greatly since my first stay there in 96, but I honestly don’t remember venue names.


Our favorite there was Harry’s Safari Bar & Grill. It was where Shula’s is now.
I miss Harry’s, but we dined @ Shula’s last trip in May and loved it.
Great food and service.