Does anyone remember the price


of the tickets from 2006? I have four that I want to upgrade to season passes. I just can’t remember how much they are worth.



Magic Your Way Base Ticket

Ages 10+ Ages 3-9
1-Day $67.00 $56.00
2-Day $132.00 (66.00 per day) $110.00 (55.00 per day)
3-Day $192.00 (64.00 per day) $160.00 (53.33 per day)
4-Day $202.00 (50.50 per day) $168.00 (42.00 per day)
5-Day $206.00 (41.20 per day) $169.00 (33.80 per day)
6-Day $208.00 (34.67 per day) $171.00 (28.50 per day)
7-Day $210.00 (30.00 per day) $173.00 (24.71 per day)

Ticket prices do not include tax. These retail prices are effective January 1, 2006. All tickets expire 14 days after first use unless the No Expiration Option is purchased. Some events are separately priced.


Thanks!!! You’re really fast! I googled prices from `06 and couldn’t find them!!

You’re super awesome and pretty cool, too!


My pleasure!

I think they actually raised the prices by $6 or so later in 2006, so if you bought in the last part of the year, it might be a teensy bit higher!


Hmmm… I bought in September, but who knows. I’ll go with 67 and if I am pleasantly surprised - well, that’s bonus! :c)