Does Anyone want these?


I have alot of the soap, shampoo, lotion, in the black and red with Mickey on them, from the hotels. You can have them if you will just pay the shipping.
Please let me know. I can probably divide them in two batches. If more than one person wants them.
You can PM me or e-mail me.


I know Erin was looking for these for her daughter ( she was doing something with it for the girl scouts … ) you might want to pm her …


That’s right Erin is looking for them for her daughter’s Bronze project - I think she is going to send them to the solders over seas



there is a link on They make baskets for sick children in the hospital and use the mickey shampoos and stuff…it’s a great cause. You should send them there…can’t find the address right this second. I stock pile my and send them every so often.


Found the link for you!!!

Mickey SOS Soap or Shampoo for Children Project


thank you for posting this info. :heart:

my shampoos are in teal green & black bottles.


You are welcome. I have been collecting and giving my stuff to them for many years. I haven’t it done it recently and have quite a stock pile of them. I will wait until after my august trip and send them all at once. What a great cause.


I didn’t realize this. I need to gather up my pile and send it. I love this!


Thank you!!!


Thanks for that link Dana. We will have to send our soaps,etc. from our trip…


Thanks for that link Dana. There are so many little Disney things I see, plus I have a gallon-sized freezer bag filled with soaps and such. I am going to gather it all up and send it to Dotti.