Does anyone want


My copy of the Birnbaum Guides 2008 Disney Cruise Line: The Official Guide?

I figure since i am no longer going on a Disney Cruise I don’t need this book anymore. Let me know through a PM, with your address if you would like it and I will send it right out to you.

First PM gets the book.



What a nice offer, I know at east two members have cruises booked right now.


Well that went quick. The book is going to Dopey!


Yeah Dopey!!!


Congrats Dopey!!


Quickest typer wins!! :laugh::laugh:

Wish I was going on a cruise! ENJOY!


Yay, thank you all.

Thank you Brandon. You are the best :wub:


Enjoy Dopey!:happy:


That was soo kind of you Bransworld, I love how Mousebuzz just feels like one big family :wub:


and now I feel guilty for selling one of my disney books on e-bay LOL