Does Bus run from Resort to Resort?


OK, we are going to have several ADR’s at other Resort locations…we are doing the Family Suite at AS-Music. Do the buses run from resort to resort or will I have to go somewhere like AK and then wait on another bus?


unfortunately no:( so what we usually do is plan the parks around our dinner reservations. sometimes it works out, sometimes it doesn’t (like wanting to shower before dinner).


You can go to the TTC and catch buses to the different parks. Monrail to the monorail resorts, etc. With planning you can do it . . . what resorts are your ADRs at?


I didn’t remember them doing that. Yeah we always came back to shower around 3pm and back out by 4:30pm for reservations and the rest of the night.


You’re right, if you want to travel from resort to resort you’re going to have to switch buses at a park or DtD. As long as you’re smart about it it’s usually not a big deal at all. For instance, if you want to travel from All Stars Music to Beach Club it wouldn’t make sense to take a MK or AK bus all the way out just to switch buses, you’d want to take the MGM bus cause it’s closest. On the other hand, if you were going to eat at the Wilderness Lodge obviously it would be easiest to take a bus to MK and utilize the boat service. It just depends on logistics and planning out which is the easiest route.


so far - the 2 for sure I want are Chef Mickey’s at the Contemporary and 1900 Park Fare at the Grand Floridian…we will have our van - but I really don’t want to drive much.


OH! Well those are easy peasy, you’d just take the MK bus and then either choose a monorail or boat to get to either resort!


AK is the closest park to the AS resorts isn’t it??


yes I see… I can make that happen…I want both for breakfast as well so anyone know what time the buses and monorail start running


I believe that the All Stars resorts are located in between AK and Studios. My guess would be that Studios & Blizzard Beach was closer but I’ve never looked at a map to decide that.



So since I don’t travel on the Disney Buses (I always drive) Wish, is there still a bus to the TTC from the resorts or no?


ASM is right next to AK . . . if you miss the exit to the resort, you end up at the Ticket Gate for AK Parking. (Trust me I’ve done it! :pinch:) :blush:


I don’t know exactly, but it is really quite early. Like maybe 7:00 a.m.?

I hope you like the suite, we stayed there once and really enjoyed it, there was plenty of room for everyone.


it was either that or 2 rooms…I really wanted to go moderate instead value on the resort but taking another adult in my mom just blew the budget - but so far, I have only heard postive things on the suite.


When trying to get between resorts, TTC should be your last option. Service from resorts to TTC tends to be sporadic.
Also, keep in mind there is no service from parks to DTD!
What I would do is keep moving forward.
If it’s daylight, grab the bus from your resort to Blizzard Beach and transfer to the resort you’re heading to.
If not, go to DHS for Epcot/Crescent Lake resorts.
MK for monorail resorts and for Wilderness Lodge.
Keep park closing times in mind, however during your stay, MK will be open well into the night while Epcot will close nightly at 9:30.
Buses continue to run about 90 minutes after that park closes.
Transportation does pretty much start at 7 AM because all parks have breakfast venues that open an hour before park open, although again, during Christmas week, MK opens most mornings at 8, so transport should start to MK at 6:30 AM.
Final tip, if you want to get to DTD from Epcot, walk out the International Gateway and head to the Beach. From MK, walk to the Contemporary and get the bus there. It will probably be much faster than taking the monorail to the Contemporary.


heehee, never mind, I am late to the party - as usual.