Does Disneyland use PhotoPass?


I love using PhotoPass in WDW but it just popped in to my head and was wondering if DL & DCA use that same sort of system? Or should I just bring the biggest memeory I have? :cool: hehe.

I still have 6 months to go… ugh. :dry:


Last I heard, they will be getting it soon, but they currently do not.

Sorry, I know that’s vague, but I do not keep up with DL as much. They will get it though.


I tried searching around a little bit to see if I could come up with a better answer, but I couldn’t. Entered in “Photopass Disneyland” to the Yahoo! search engine and the first thing that came up was a thread here. Very helpful. :dry:


LOL. I guess that just goes to prove the Disney Central IS the ultimate authority on all things Disney. Just what we suspected all along. :mickey:


Isn’t that funny!! There’s been a couple times when I was searching something on yahoo and DisneyCentral posts came up. It’s funny to read on there, like “woah, I know that person.” haha, sometimes I think I REALLY forget that things we say here reach FAAARRRRR beyond our nice little community. :pinch: hehe.