Does Downtown Disney do anything Halloween night?


We are doing MNSSP on 11/1 and were thinking about going to DTD Halloween night for dinner at Wolfgang Puck Express and I thought I read somewhere last year that DTD has trick-or-treating on Halloween. Can anybody help me?


Found this online from last year- I would assume the same would happen this year…

I just wanted to let you know if you couldn’t get tickets for Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party at the Magic Kingdom, you can still trick-or-treat at Walt Disney World Resort. On both Oct. 30 and Oct. 31, kids can don costumes and trick-or-treat throughout Downtown Disney. There are at least 20 shops and restaurants throughout the West Side, Pleasure Island and the Marketplace that will offer goodies from 5-9 p.m. There’s also a kid’s DJ dance party at the Waterside Stage, a magician, stilt walkers, storytelling and a few other happy haunts. Sounds like fun for the whole family!


THANKS!! Looks like my kids will get 2 nights of Disney trick-or-treating!


We went last October 31 to Halloween at DTD. It was a mob scene!! Never again!! We got separated from our son and his family and could never get back to them. Fortunately, the kids were in strollers so they didn’t get swept up in the masses of people. It was certainly not fun for the kids being bumped aroung with lines wherever candy was being given out. We waited forever to get a bus back to our resort…NEVER, EVER AGAIN!!


We went for a long weekend last Halloween - NEVER AGAIN. At least not with a little one. It was so crowded and probably second to New Year’s Eve in Epcot. DTD is not stingy with their Halloween treats. I’m talking the big candy bars and not the midgets. It is a lot of fun, but be prepared for the crowds and keep ahold of your kids and your spouse.


The crowds sound AWFUL but we will play it by ear when we get there. Thanks for the information because at least now I can be prepared. Thanks again!


DD and I did Halloween there a few times. They trick or treat, do a dance party and all kinds of fun stuff. It was seriously crowded, but fun. They normally celebrate Halloween the entire weekend…they trick or treated for several nights. Check with WDW to see what they are doing this year, but it’s better to go on any other night but halloween…if no other option, do it!