Does Epcot still do this?


Do they still offer the after 4:00pm entry price. I know they used to sometime ago. Does it still exist?


I have been going to WDW for over 30 years and I have never heard of this.
If it did exist, (and it wasn’t advertized very much apparently) I don’t think it does anymore. The only way to find out is to call.


Yes and no. Disney does offer an Epcot after 4 annual pass for Florida residents. It is fairly inexpensive, about $125 for adults and $110 for kids plus tax, but if you are a local who just wants to visit Epcot for dinner and a few rides a few times a year, it works well.

They do not sell individual day tickets for after 4PM, only the annual pass.


Mickey, you just are an amazing wealth of knowledge!:laugh:


thats interesting i never heard of that.


Thanks Mickey. I do wish they would offer something like that in all the theme parks,you know an after 4:00 admission for a bit cheaper price.


When I lived in Florida my best friend and I would take advantage of the after 4pm entry often. I haven’t paid attention to that in years so I have no idea if it still exists. Wasn’t it a Florida resident only thing, or no?


Thats why his name is Mickey.


If you are on a convention, you can purchase an after 2 or after 4 p.m. ticket. I stayed at the Hilton in DTD and did not know this until my last day :frown:


In the old days if you were staying at the Swan, Dolphin, or Y&BC you could go into EPCOT from the World Showcase entrance after 6:00pm for free. The idea being it was a treat for those conventionnaires staying at the EPCOT resorts. It was that way the first few years we went. Then they ended it saying that guests from other resorts were complaining. sigh…


never heard of this. It makes sense that it’s only available to residents though.


I bought 4pm one day entry to EPCOT last week for $42 when I was staying at CR.


yeah, I was pretty sure they still do the late entry for single day. I know Michele brought her mom several months ago and I could have SWORN she said they got the late entry ticket but they are Florida residents too.


I think there is 2pm entry for EPCOT also…


Those after 2 and after 4 passes are supposed to be available strictly for convention guests at one of our Disney Resorts. They are at the convention desk and not the park.


Thanks rosebud, My DW was there as part of a convention and I was well just there.


Great deal though isn’t it? Hope you had fun!


So is what your saying is I do or do not have to be in a convention to get the after 4:00 entry. I am a fl resd. I would possibly go if I could get in a bit cheaper. I am not in a convention though. Someone just set my straight on this.


This was on the dwinsider website.

Adults: $119.28
Children 3-9: $101.18

Exception: not valid New Year’s Day.


BTW, this was on the Disney website.

Florida Resident After 2 p.m. Water Park Annual Pass $59