Does it bother anyone else


that they’re changing the Pirates of the Caribbean ride…and adding in jack sparrow.

i am quite sad by this. :crying:

oh well. i guess things change.


YES!!! It really does bother me. That is one of the most classic rides and I would HATE for it to be ruined. Even changed at all. Saddens me quite alot.
Some change is good, but I don’t know if that applies to this ride…I guess we’ll have to wait and see gulp


Pixie Dust and the like aside, Disney is still a large corparation, and is there to make money. The Ride loosely inspired the 2003 movie (and the upcoming sequel), so changes to the ride should be expected.

I agree that the ride itself should not jump into the movie storylines too much, but some integration would be OK…it keeps the next generation of kids interested :pirate:


While I’m a HUGE fan of the movie, and can’t wait to see the next one, and while I’m sure the addition of the new AA figures will be pretty cool… I’m just not very excited that they are changing PotC. I LOVE PotC! It’s a classic, and straight from the mind of Walt Disney himself. I guess I’m kinda torn on the subject… But if it were up to me, I wouldn’t change it…


Tough call.
It’s a classic, no doubt.
Maybe they’ll be adding to it and keeping a lot of the “classic” scenes?


I see you’re a fellow Air Force member. It’s nice to have you aboard. Welcome to DC.


I don’t like that they are changing it at all. I really wasn’t thrilled with the movie in the first place and I remember POTC being my first “favorite ride” . It is a classic and I really don’t like that they’re changing it.


I’m not thrilled. I am not anti-change, but as I’ve said before, PotC as it is now is universal and timeless. Add Jack Sparrow, and it’s going to feel aged and dated in 5 or 10 years.

I feel like that has happened with the Treehouse at Disneyland. It was classic, then went to Tarzan. Tarzan doesn’t seem like it’s going to stand the test of time the way say, Beauty and the Beast will. Now it’s kind of dated to me.

I’m sure it’ll be fun… Jack Sparrow IS a fun character. But I wonder when we’ll tire of him.


You bring up great points Andrea. It’s funny how when they “update” an attraction with a hot new movie tie-in it soon becomes more outdated than the original attraction.

And like Disneyhog said, POtC was one of Walt’s pet projects. I just hope Disney Imagineers of today leave much of the flavor of Walt’s vision when adding the new characters.

I’m glad the Swiss Family Treehouse hasn’t gone the same route as the Treehouse in DLR, although I’ve heard rumors over the last few years of a major overhaul.


I just rode it a few days ago, and I can bring this very intellegent observation to the table:

No touchey! The ride is perfect!


Sad? No way! I’m thrilled they’re updating the ride. And adding Jack Sparrow is a great way to do it. The movie is now inexorably linked to the ride, so Disney may as well jump onto the idea.


That is an excellent point. I hadn’t thought about that, but it’s true. The original PotC never seemed dated… But in 10 years, I wonder if we look at the Jack Sparrow AA and think “geez…that’s so old.”


I’m not exactly happy about it. Mainly for the reason others have stated - dating. I think they’re only doing it because PotC (movie) was such a big hit. But even now, the movie is slightly dated. Adding aspects of the movie to the ride just doesn’t make sense to me.

However, I do agree with updating it. Just not changing it.


You mean “update but not change” like fresh paint and by putting some of those blue toilet bowl cleaners in the water to keep it clean? :laugh:


LOL, yeah! Just sugar coat it and keep it to date. But don’t like, change characters or anything. Unless it’s super old and needs to be changed.

Am I making any sense? Or should I just go back to bed? :laugh:


I am ALWAYS in favor of going back to bed! :laugh:

But I think you made sense.


I am thrilled that they are adding Jack to the attraction. Makes it more like the movie…who wouldn’t want to look at Johnny? lol Seriously, it’s not like they are changing the entire ride. They are only adding a character from the movies. Makes sense to me.


I, for one, was MUCH MORE UPSET when they made the ride politically correct and didn’t want to show pirates being, well, pirates…

pirates chasing food just doesn’t do it for me in what is supposed to be a pirate themed ride…

Bring Jack Sparrow in, and get rid of the PC stuff…


I agree 100%. That whole PC Pirate thing…just plain stupid. :angry:

Geez…those pirates sure were hungry… I guess it was like that back in the days before drive-thru fast food joints… :laugh:


While the first PoC movie may seem outdated now, there are two more coming. This makes good marketing sense. And indeed they’re not re-theming the whole ride, they’re just adding a character that will spark some interest. That’s what Disney does best…keep things fun and interesting.