Does it bother anyone else


My BF and I were watching Peter Pan last night and I mentioned that Tinker Belle is now a meetable character. It bothers the heck out of both of us! She is only supposed to be like an inch tall and doesn’t talk! lol

also…does anyone know if Lightning McQueen is still around the parks?


I think I’d rather see Tink only fly from the castle and not be a character in the parks ~ but that’s just me. I’m sure getting to meet her will make a lot of little ones happy.


tinkerbell was the first character my youngest would go near (see my siggy of her running away from mickey). she just ADORES her. although i think both my girls had more fun in the holding area right before you see the fairies. yeah the way they try to explain away why she’s our size is cheesey for us adults my little ones fall for it andd that’s their favorite part of the park


p.s. lightning mcqueen and mater are behind the muppet vision at HS.


Yes, it bugs the heck out of me that Tinkerbell is a face character now. I completely agree that she should not talk and only “tinkle.” I’ve always felt that way, and after reading the Peter and the Starcatchers series, I’m especially opposed to her talking and interacting with guests. I’m sure that other MBers have different opinions, but that’s mine.


i would agree with you 100000% if my kids didn’t adore her. talking tinkerbell is rather annoying!




It even bugs me. It was magical to see Tink fly out of the castle at the end of the night. It always reminded me of Friday nights watching The Wounderful World of Disney and Tink would fly out.


Tinkerbell talks?

Sheesh…where have I been? Under a rock?


I am ok with Tink flying for the fireworks and I was even ok with her as a face character on top of the parade float 'cause there was still a big sense of mystique about her; you couldn’t get near her and she still didn’t speak.

I REALLY REALLY dislike Tink in the Fairy meet & greets. I know we are enterting “her” world and that’s why we can understand her, I get the whole new story and concept but I just DO NOT like it. I did it in Disneyland and probably won’t do the experience in WDW.


Yes, it does bother me.
To me, Tink is a fairy (and a small one) most always seen flying, not walking.
With Tink as a face character and actually getting face to face with guests and interacting, that almost automatically means she’ll be a talker, and I don’t recall Tink talking. (Now I’ll have to watch Peter Pan to be sure)

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[QUOTE=Soundgod;991832]Yes, it does bother me.
To me, Tink is a fairy (and a small one) most always seen flying, not walking.
And if Tink is a face character, that automatically means she’ll be a talker, and I don’t recall Tink talking. (Now I’ll have to watch Peter Pan to be sure)[/QUOTE]

She doesn’t talk in Peter Pan, she only “tinkles.”:happy:


I thought so, but wasn’t sure. It’s decades since I’ve watched Peter Pan even though we have the DVD and the deluxe VHS set.


I waited with my daughter for over an hour to see Tink and her fairy friends last November. When we got to the front of the line and it was our turn to be magically transformed to 1" tall and even got a small fairy version of the fastpass…it was totally worth it! The cast member even told us why we would be able to hear here at her own height, because she is so small her voice only sounds like a bell to us. The characters were so darn cute and seemed just like they came out of the new movies about the fairies! I think Disney did a great job with this attraction!


she is SUPPOSED to be silent, but in the new movies of her, she talks. (have only seen the tinkerbell movie about 50,000 times or so. they do talk at the m&g. like valley girls… when i said it was annoying… they are REALLY annoying.


Guess it is ironic when you think about it…Mickey DOES speak in his movies and doesn’t say a word as a character in the park…LOL!


Do NOT like Tink as a Meet & Greet. I do like her flying over the castle.

Also, not wanting to sound petty but the character at the M&G looks NOTHING like Tink. At least most of the other characters in M&G’s around the park look similar or down right almost identical to who they’re portraying. When I see the pics of Tink (nothing against the CM doing her job) but I see nothing more than someone who’s put on a cheap looking costume with a brassy brigitte’ wig, a thin brittle frame and way too much make-up. Tink was a Platinum with a fuller figure and creamy white skin.


Don’t get me started on direct to DVD releases!!!


Doesn’t really bother me, but I get how it makes all of you feel!


Um, Chip and Dale were very small, and I saw them very big. Piglet is like 18 inches. If you can suspend disbelief for all of the other characters, then Im sure this will be ok as well…