Does Magical Express really care which flight you come in on?


We have a 7am flight that right now is sold out. There are two more nonstop flight that morning. If SW overbooks and asks for volunteers, for the next flight, we may consider it (depending how sweet the deal is). But then that would be us 3 or 4 hours late for ME. Does it matter?


I would be really careful about doing that…it works well if you don’t mind being delayed, however, I’ve known people who gave up their seats for the next flights, only to have THAT flight delayed or cancelled…and then the rest of their day is shot.

I would do this coming home…but definitely not going to WDW…I don’t want to miss a minute of my trip!!!

Also, you’re bag tag shows you are on ME…so the bags will be take off regardless…but they do plan their stops so…I would call and notify ME if you are delayed arrival…

Just my opinion…


I understand what you are saying, but it is tempting to waiting 3 or 4 hours and get several hundred dollars x 2 in cash/vouchers. I’m just finding out info, so just in case SW starts begging for volunteers, I can make a good decision and not a knee jerk reaction.

Coming home I’d be more concerned my luggage would be stolen if it sat on the carrousel for too long. LOL


Your luggage SHOULD be removed and fly with you on the later flight.