Does one week make a difference?


We originally booked our trip for a week starting June 25th and I thought maybe we would beat a bit of the heat. Come to find out its about $300 cheaper for the following week, July 2nd, and my group thinks that will be better. I know its only a week, but arriving in July already has me squirming!! What do you think? Does one week make any difference whatsoever?


We have been in June, July, August and September. They can all be hot. Just stay hydrated and go for it. Schools are out both weeks so I don’t think it will matter. One advantage you will have being there on the 4th are some great fireworks at MK.


No they should be comparably crowded and comparably hot, so I would book a week later and save the money. Just keep hydrated, get to the parks before opening, and take mid-day breaks to beat the crowds and the heat. have a great trip!


I would save the money!! You will be hot either way!! I am surprised though that the week of 4th of July will be cheaper- sounds odd!! Maybe becuase the 4th is a Saturday?


You won’t notice any difference in heat between the two weeks–HOT is HOT. Get to the parks early and take a break to cool off in the middle of the day then head back for the evening. The 4th of July is typically a busy time to be ready for higher crowds over that weekend,


I agree - at that time of the year one week will be the same as the next. Hot and crowded, so have a plan. You’ll probably encounter afternoon rainshowers - they only last about 15 minutes and cool things down - at least for a half hour. (You can basically choose any week from June to the end of August and they’ll all be the same). Save the money and go in July.


Nope, go for the savings.


It may only make a difference in regards to crowds…heat is going to be about the same.


It’s already hot there by late May so don’t worry about beating the heat. We went last year during the first week of June and it was almost blistering hot.


I am going to go against the grain here and say keep the week starting June 25th. Only because, assuming you are staying for 7 nights, that would give you a check-out date of July 2nd. I would do anything in the world to avoid the madness of July 4th weekend in WDW, ESPECIALLY since it’s an actual Saturday. Temperature wise you’re not going to notice a difference BUT add in the July 4th crowds WITH the heat and in my opinion it’s just a nightmare.

I was in WDW only ONCE in my life during July 4th and I’d never do it again [notice my trip dates below :laugh:], the park got to capacity & at one point they were ONLY allowing admittance to resort guests. I was a resort guest but once I got inside I wanted to walk right back out.

I know $300 is a good savings but for me it would have to be AT LEAST over $500 in saving for me to stay during July 4th.

Just my opinion.


I gotta go with Wishy. I am sooooo anti-crowd that I’d do anything to avoid them as much as possible.


I have to agree with Andrea and Wishy. The crowds are going to be INSANE.

If you REALLY need to save money, then go for it. But know what to expect going in. And HAVE A PLAN.


The crowd calendar has every one of the days you mentioned as a “9”- and it also says that Epcot is the best park on July 4th!!

We’ve been in MK on July 4th, and it was busy! If you skip MK that day, the $300 savings would be valuable.


We were at WDW one July 4th. We actually decided to stay away from the parks that day - and we did. We hung around the resort and the pool, but at about 3 p.m. we decided to go to HS - and we were shocked at how uncrowded it was! Of course, that might be an anomoly… I’d never go to the MK - that’s for sure.


Definitely save the money. Just like what llama said, avoid the parks on July 4th. Go to DTD or mini golf.


leslieh where can i find the crowd calendar?


If you go to there is a small blue link on the left side. You can see a short time in advance. I bought the Unofficial Guide to WDW by Mike Sehlinger and if you have that you can get to a year’s worth of dates.

You can also buy a subscription to touringplans for about $7 or so- I used a discounted link from allearsnet.