Does the castle still have the icicle lights


or did they come down with the Christmas decorations? It was so beautiful


I’m sure they came down with the Christmas . . . but then again it’s still “WINTER” here in sunny FL!!! :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:


that’s what I was thinking… anyone been there after Christmas?


Were goin soon…can’t wait


We were there Jan. 2nd-7th and they were still up the whole time we were there. We had some beautiful pictures taken in front of them on the 7th, but I don’t know if they’re still up now.


I was wondering about this too…


Sad to say…they’re gone. :sad: Wasn’t easy doing Spectro the other night and go by the castle with it NOT lit.


When we were at AK on Thurs. they still had their tree up though.


Matt, is there any word that it will be back again this year? We’d sure like to see it again, plus our dd and dgd are coming with us and I’d love for them to see it. Who would you suggest I contact to make my requist? They put so much work and I’m sure expense into it, I’d think they would use it a few times more.


That really was the most beautiful thing they’ve ever done with the castle…:wub:…I wish I could’ve seen it in person. Whoever designed the icicle light idea should be proud!


I agree, the castle was beautiful.

The last time I saw the castle it was the Birthday Cake, which I thought was sooooo cheesy. I hated it.

When I heard they were going to have the icicles, I was upset. I just WANTED TO SEE THE CASTLE.

But the way they did it, you could not see the cords or lights during the day and it was beautiful at night. I agree, they should do it again next year!

My daughter is going Jan 24-28, first time since 1996 too! That will make it that all of us went this year (Oct for my son - his honeymoon, Nov for my DH and I, and Jan for DD and a friend)


Oh don’t you worry bout that. It was such a HUGE hit and made such a HUGE impact on Christmas here at WDW, I’d really be surprised if I didn’t see it become a staple for Christmas at WDW.


I’m so glad to hear that! I can’t wait to see it when I go for Thanksgiving!


I hope so because the lights we so beautiful.


I’m so glad to hear this!! We missed it this year!!


I didn’t like the cake either. . .


Sorry to hear they are down already. There goes my hopes that somehow a miracle would occcur and they would still be up in June.

There’s always next year.


You just made my day Matt. That’s great news.:wub:


It would have been nice if they could have stayed up for the winter, but then again, I guess DW feels if they just have them a limited time, it will give reason for people to go back (as if a reason is really needed)!