Does the Disney-Pixar Studios is a good name?


i think that disney-pixar a great name for the studios.


Sounds good to me. I don’t care what they call it as long as they don’t get rid of ToT or RNRC before I get to ride them.


I have to say yes, but if they do use it they need to have more Pixar stuff there. Like the Pixar Breakfast that was talked about for a while and then dropped (or I think it was, haven’t heard anything around here lately).


Funny you mention that because they’re still working on trying to get that out in the park. The Play N’ Dine (Playhouse Disney Breakfast brought in to replace the Pixar Breakfast) right now, however, has been quite a success so they may keep that as well.


I’m not voting. It’s a good name, but unless there’s a reason to change, keep the current name.


I agree. Disney studios works just fine for me unless there is really going to be more Pixar characters added to the mix.


I kind of like the sound and flow of: The Disney Studios. No other affiliation needed.

I know Disney is all jacked up about their recent reunion with Pixar, but “The Disney Studios” is kind of a catch all name that will never be irrelevant regardless of what partnerships the studio makes.


I have heard that the contract with MGM has been renewed and that there are no plans to drop or change the name.