Does the FL Res AP Pass count?


Hello All,

We are headed to Animal Kingdom next week for the passholder preview of Everest and have a question… During the Mission Space preview we were told that Florida Resident Seasonal Annual Passes were invalid as actual “Annual Passes” and we couldn’t go in. What do you think? Is that still the case? We really aren’t going up there for just Everest, but I would love to get in as a Passholder. Has anybody else had that experience with the FL Res. Seasonal Passes?

Only a few days left…

The Bishop

PS Sorry everybody…wrong forum…


I asked the CM when I made my reservations for All Star Sports on the night of the 28th if Seasonal Passholders were eligible for the preview,and she said it was just for Annual Passholders and DVC owners.


Thanks… I was afraid of that… oh well… Looks like I’ll just have to go back :dry:

The Bishop


Hey,you never know. If you are going to be in the area that weekend any way,what could it hurt to just show up and flash your pass? The worst they could say is you’re not eligible.


I got something in the mail advertising the passholder preview, and I have a Seasonal Pass. I couldn’t go to Disney during then anyway, but I don’t think they should send it out to SP holders if we can’t use it. Seems kind of misleading.


Well,with upwards of 55,000 people working at WDW,I’m sure alot of times CMs have info wrong. Maybe the person I talked to got it wrong and SP’ers are eligible.