Does the new goofy coaster use FP?


Because of a slip up from a trip, on our next trip we will have a 3 use instant FP for our family. It can only be used for one day/one park. I’m thinking of the best way to use it. It’s not good for toy story.:mad: The DGDs are 7 and almost 3. So I’m thinking using it at MK. I’ve seen a picture of goofy’s coaster and it appears like it would be a fp, but I’m not sure. Any one know?


Before Toontown went down that attraction wasn’t a FP, but with all the changes/additions in the new Fantasy Land i’m not sure if that one is now on the list. Sorry I can’t really help much on this one.


There is a FP return line, but I didn’t see any kiosks distributing them! Strangest thing.


Put in the line while it’s under construction and set aside the area for FP machines and create a dual queue. This way, in the future, if it is decided to add FP, the infrastructure will already be in place, allowing little to no disruption when those things are added or changed.