Does this seem right?


I just called to add Hopper tickets. They wanted to charge me 1100 extra dollars. I have an eight day pass.

I thought I read somewhere it was 7 per person per day.

She also told me it was 20 per day per person to add the water parks.

Is it more expensive to add on things? When i play with reservation online its only like 200 for hoppers and 100 for water parks.


I would call back and talk to someone else. It sounds like the person you were talking with thought you wanted all new tickets instead of just upgrading the ones you have. Some of the CM’s you get on the phone are not as knowledgeable as they should be.


Looking on the Disney Site and 8 day MYW ticket for 1 is $206. Add PH and it goes to $238 or $4 extra a day. Add PH and Water parks & more and it goes to $278 or $9 extra a day.


I didnt think it seemed right. I’ll give them another call.


so ?? are you still on hold?? what was the outcome of the call back?


I agree with Ready2Go, I think the CM was giving you the price for new tickets, not adding on to what you have. I’m sure you’ll have better lucky with another CM.


I just called and it was 50 per person to add the hopper so 200 total. And 40 per person to add the water.


$50 per person is right. If you aren’t going to use the water parks more than once and have no intention of doing disney quest, I highly suggest just paying for the water park admission. That’s what I am doing for my DBF’DS and dN. They are only there for 4 1/2 days and are only visiting the water park once and have no intention of going to disney quest. Doesn’t make sense to buy the plus options unless you are going to use them all. You can prepay for water park tickets by calling disney reservations. You are unable to buy them online or at the disney store.


Glad that got cleared up for you. A $1100 upgrade would make me rethink my trip.


Don’t forget the “water parks and more” option includes PI, too. Sure, I’ll be going to the water parks at least a couple of times but I’ll be at PI most nights.