Does Tokyo Dining require ressies?


I haven’t been to the Japan pavilion since the refurb, and I hope they left a sushi bar that allows you to stroll in on a whim.


No sushi bar - and I think you do need ressies now for Toyko Dining - but try and get one - it’s a beautiful restaurant. The decor is simple and relaxing - the servers are so charming. The warm towels a lovely touch. DH & DD are sushi afficiendos (me not so much) and they say the sushi is very respectable. I can comment on the tempura which is absolutely greaseless, light and tasty. I highly recommend it!

Ressies are pretty easy to get I think - we’ve gotten them both times when we were already in the park.


Last time I was in Disney they had just opened the sushi bar in the Poly. I am not sure if it’s still there but it was doing gangbuster type business in June. And it was just walk up and order. I heard from my server at Kona that it was fantastic.


I strongly suggest getting reservations for any sit down in WDW.
When we were last at Tokyo Dining, walk ups were being told they’d have a minimum 45 minute wait.

Bella, I think they’ve kept the sushi bar going at the Poly, at first it was just an experiment. It’s a split operation. In the morning until mid afternoon, it’s a coffee bar. Somewhere around dinner time, they reopen as a sushi bar, but their menu is pretty limited.


We made reservations last year and it is such a good place to dine I would strongly suggest you do.


My wife and I walked in around 2pm during Easter week and had NO problems getting a seat in the sushi restaurant. Seems they’ve basically opened up “that side” of the restaurant so that there is a lot of room to sit.