Does your school give you credit for the classes?


just wondering how many of you are actually able to get credit


give credit for working?


What classes? I think you might need to re-word your question so we can help.


I think the classes she is wondering about are those offered through the Disney College Program. You have the option of taking classes on site in some various topics (communications, hospitality, etc.).

To answer the question:
My school does give credit for the internship experience. I am still waiting on my acceptance letter, so I haven’t talked to Career Services (who is in charge of it at my school) to see exactly how many I can get. But past participants have received up to 15 credits for doing the internship…not sure if they did the classes though. Hopefully I will find out more this week.

Did you apply for the college program already?


Ok - now I understand. Guess I should have noticed where the thread was posted before I asked the question.


yes, i was wondering about the classes offerred down there! i’m so jealous you guys can get internship credit, ahhh! my school gives us nothing so i basically have to apply for re-entry in the fall and i am just taking a semester off to do this. that’s cool you could possibly get 15 credits!