Does your son know yet,Disney Teacher?


It’s 3 days til your surprise trip. Does your son still not have a clue that you’re going?


Not a clue!

I’m so excited that I may actually pull this off. Six months ago I wasn’t sure I could but it looks like I’m going to do it. I have a huge pile of clothes I ironed today all over my bed but I just told him I was going through all of our clothes to see what we need to get for summer. I’m going to throw all of it in suitcases tomorrow while he’s out playing golf with his dad.


Hmmmm. :dry:

Not to worry. Such a cover story ALWAYS works with us…


Good for you keeping it a secret, it’s so hard! Hope you guys have a safe and fun trip. When are you planning on telling him?


Wow, you’re a better woman than me! I would have spilled it by now!


I know it’s been hard - but wow! is it going to be worth it! Remember - we’ll want every little detail - and it would be nice if you had a camera ready. :angel:


Wow, Steph, you only have 3 days to still keep your secret. Be sure to charge up the batteries in the camera now so you can take that “We’re going to Disney! We’re going to Disney!! We’re going to Disney!!!” reaction on your son’s face. Have a great trip!


We did the “let’s test the video camera” trick. You turn it on, point it at them and then say…“Let’s go to WDW”… It is so much fun. My daughter remembers that as one of her favorite memories of her first trip to WDW (at 3). It is truly a priceless moment… Have a great trip!


Thanks, everyone! We are going to tell him when we get to the airport. He made a wish the other night so I think I’ll remind him of that wish and tell him it’s coming true, we’re going to Disney World!!

I have all our clothes out and piled up in our bedroom. So far he hasn’t questioned it, I just told him I was going through it so I would know what we needed for summer since school is almost out.


DT, I love that this is just going to thrill your litle guy :heart:

The ‘clothes for summer’ bit is a great cover!


I’m so glad I don’t have to worry about that for our trip. Kids think we’re going to Hershey Park, so I’m going to make them pack themselves!!!


I think it’s really great that you have been able to keep this trip a secret!!!


Amazing!!! Please take pictures of his face when he learns the surprise!!!
I can’t wait to see!


That is so cool Steph!!! Can’t wait to hear how Nathan reacts to the surprise trip!! You are such a great mom :wub: !!


It hasn’t been easy, trust me.

I am starting to get stressed now, I want to start packing but I can’t until Mike and Nathan leave in a bit. Then I’ll have to do it really fast and get the bags in the car so he won’t see them.


I will, I can’t wait to see how he reacts. I think he’ll say “I knew it, I knew we would get to go to WDW all along.”


Thanks, neen. He’s such a good kid it’s easy to spoil him.


I have that same problem. Both of my kids are pretty good, and I have a really hard time not spoiling them! You definitely have to have the camera ready when he finds out!


Me too! I have the worst time not spoiling them, not only are they good, they are super cute!


Steph–you get a gold star for not spilling the beans! And you are soooooo close!!! I can’t wait to hear about his reaction!