Doin' the dance


Yee ha! We’ve made a decision . . . we’re going to WDW for Christmas THIS year! :biggrin: :mickey:
Guess I better get my countdown going . . .
So much planning to do . . .

*Someone from Florida please promise me that DS will be able to go swimming in December :blink: *


Yay! You deserve it! So tell us all about your plans!


Well, once we decided that we weren’t going to cruise next April, we decided to do a full week at WDW. Once we decided that we should go at Christmas instead of Easter, we tossed around resort ideas. And the final consensus is, we’ll do PC again because we enjoyed it last time! The main reason for sticking with PC is because DS takes a little time to adjust to new situations . . . last year he was so overwhelmed by the whole experience that it took him almost three days to relax. The familiarity of PC will allow him to jump right in and have fun from the moment we arrive. The plan? Dec. 23 to the 29th (or 30th). I am sooooooo excited! :mickey: :mickey: :mickey: :mickey: :mickey:


You’re not allowed to dance until your in single digits (only 323 days!).

For now, you are allowed to clap or sway to the music, but no dancing!

Sorry–Dopey, Alicefan, & Mickeymomma made this rule.


You will love it at Christmas time…congrats on your decision…maybe we will bump into each other there next time…woo hoo from baloo!


Aw, geez, sorry. Leave it to me to break a rule . . . :redface:
Dopey, Alicefan, and Mickeymomma, please forgive me!

Doin’ the SWAY


Don’t listen to them. You have every right to dance… Just do the Triple Digit Dance. But pace yourself, it’s a long time till your trip… :biggrin:

Any ideas on plans yet?


what?! I thought we were allowed to dance at double digits, like once you’re under 100…maybe just a lower-key level of dancing :tongue:

Congrats on your trip though! Be sure to stop by canada and say hello to me :smile:


Swimming in December?! I wouldn’t go anywhere near water unless it was a heated pool. But that’s just me. If Wisc is cold in Dec, then you might be able to stand it. I couldn’t though. :pinch: BUT!! It could be a warm winter next year. It’s been pretty warm lately.

But congrats on the trip planning!!


It’s great to see another countdown to Disney going!


That great!!! DS can go swimming then. Just bring a nice heavy robe for him for when he gets out of the nie heated pool.


We went swimming at Thranksgiving once!!! Hope that helps!

Have a wonderful trip!\


Hmmm. Is the emphasis on “once”? :laugh: I guess we’ll just have to prepare and take our chances.

Kippage, Wisconsin and cold and December . . . a bit redundant by our standards! :wink:

Princess Tessa, we’ll absolutely stop by Canada!
And Baloo, we’ll look for you, too!

*326 days is soooo far away . . . *