Dole Whip Lovers Must Read This! LOL


Right now, I am sitting in the den, pretending that my Yoplait Light Fat Free Pineapple Upside Down Cake Yogurt is a frosty dish of Dole Whip – all pineapple, please! – and I am also pretending that I am eating it while sitting on those benches between teh Jungle Cruise and the Swiss Family Robinson Treehouse.

I am that desperate. :blink::laugh:

OK, soooooooo… I went a-googling. And this is what I found.


It is a hilarious video from the company that makes Dole Whips…

And you can order the mix from the same site:
Unified Enterprises Corp. - Products


Thanks for those links! We would love to eat a Dole Whip at home, but it’s definitely not on my diet.:laugh:


Oh my that is a little dangerous. Actually a lot dangerous. Do you know how many calories are in one of those Whips?


Oh heehee, I have seen that before. Pretty cute.


Thanks for the LINK!!!


I don’t want to know! :pinch:


Dole Whips are on my To Do List at the Magic Kingdom. For some odd reason, I don’t usually prefer pineapple juice, but I do enjoy the whips.


I have never tried one, but think I will. How many calories are in one?


:laugh: Ive already decided that lunch my first day, after Chef Mickey for Breakfast and before Narcosses for Dinner, will be a Dole Whip :laugh:

When I mentioned my plan to my DS his eyes almost rolled to the back of his head and he snarled at me that I was making way to hard to be patient… Can’t wait.

I can see this as a future Christmas present, mixer and all… :laugh:


Never had one. Looks great


Can you get a Dole whip at the Poly,or only at MK?


Who cares about calories. They are so darn yummy.


YES!!! I will PM you my address… LOL :wink::laugh:


So how was the yog… I mean the ‘dole whip’?


I’ve never had a Dole Whip, either. Might have to try one next trip.


Yes. I believe the on at the poly is at Captain Cooks(?).


You must try one. I don’t worry about the calories since it is at world.


Yes so true,remember, there are NO calories at Disney,NONE!


Oooh yummy, I finally got one at DL and it was marvelous. :laugh: That video was too funny.


I had no idea!! I guess I’ll have to get 2 whips next time!!!:laugh: