Dole Whip?


What is Dole Whip??? I hear everybody talking about it!! I can’t wait to try it but what exactly is it that I am going to love??

What are you other must have deserts. Which ones at table service restaraunts and which ones just to grab and enjoy???


It is pineapple soft serve, either mixed with vanilla, or made into a float. You can have a sundae…the possibilities are deliciously endless…
My personal fave dessert is a CHURRO!


This is something DH and me are going to try in 16 days!

We have never had one before on any of our trips, can you imagine that?


Yum, nothing beats a Dole Whip on a hot day.


I got the dole whip float on my last trip a couple of weeks ago for the first time and now I can’t shut up about it! It’s so good! Ask anyone on here, I can’t stop talking about it!


Check out the avatar! I LOVES me some Dole Whip!:wub:


I can’t stop looking at your avatar!! I looks so yummy!


Ooooo!!! :ohmy: That looks so good!!! I’m drooling!!!


Seriously, it’s better than it looks!! Yes, it’s that good!


mmm…great avatar…it’s soooo refreshing!

I think I need to jump in the car and go get one right now!


ooh I have to get me some of the roasted nuts…mmm…they smell soooo good. I’m convinced they have smell cannons with the smell of those aiming at me when I walk near a cart that sells them. They know I’ll buy some :smiley:


There are a few famous desserts at WDW:

•the grapefruit cake at the Brown Derby
•the zebra domes at Boma
•the bananas foster at 'Ohana

The beavertails in Canada were primo, but they’re gone now. We’re hoping they bring them back.


mmmm…Beavertails…those were soooo good!
Oh…love the bananas foster at Ohana too:happy:


Even though I don’t like pineapple, I’m gonna have mes one of those!I personally L:heart:VE my HOMEMADE churros.I’ll post the recipie once I can dig it out!


Mmmm zeeebra dooomes. drools

I remember having dole whips a few years ago, but I don’t recall seeing a cart with them last year, which part of the MK are they typically in?


Near the Tiki Room I think.


We love the desserts (all of them) at the Kona cafe.




They are right off to the right hand side of Adventureland as you come in from the Hub. The stand is called “Aloha Isle”. On hot summer days, there is usually a pretty long line, but well worth the wait!


oh I had one! I just thought it was soft serve but it was great. We all grabbed one before we headed towards the castle to watch Wishes.