Dole Whips found in Wisconsin!


We were in Kenosha, WI this past weekend and there is this amazing little Ice Cream shop that we like to visit. I ordered a malt as usual and all of a sudden my DW grabs my arm and says, “They have Dole Whips”

Sure enough the sign says Whippity Dole or something like that and in the text says, taste just like the Dole Whips at WDW.

So I ask for one and of course they are out of soft serve to make them.

I will be back this weekend and will report if they are indeed as good as WDW



Oh boy! Harry, are you going to be there EVERY weekend now? lol


We normally are in the summer. We just found the Ice Cream shop last month and it has become a ritual when we head home. They also have a selection of Vegan “ice cream” so even DD2 can get something she likes.

What will be interesting is if her Vegan persuasion outweighs her love of Dole Whips, :glare:. And yes I really am a Badd Mouse…



Very cool!!


We have those at our State Fair and DID have them at our Baseball Park before our team moved last year. They’re called Pineapple Freeze, and they’re yummy!


Arghhhh, they were out of soft serve again on Sunday afternoon. I did get the right name, they call it the Whippity-Do-Dah