Dole Whips


We have been to WDW 11 times now, but because my husband doesn’t like pineapple I have never stopped to have one. Well this year he’s going to have to go my way because I’M going to have a dole whip. Do they only serve them in MK or the other parks also? Who knows, if I really like them I may have to have one more than once.:ohmy:


The MK is the only place that sells Dole Whips. It is a good thing to try once,but now that I have,I don’t have to try it again.


Dole Whips are so good it’s as if they were sent down from the heavens. I like them almost as much as I like artichokes, and I really like artichokes.

I’m not kidding.


You like artichokes? I never would have guessed! :laugh:

I agree that you cannot miss out on having a Dole Whip. They are a perfect way to start the day, end the day and eat throughout the day. I think three is the most I’ve had in a single day. They are that good.


dole whips rule


I am looking forward to having my first Dole Whip on September 16th…!!!


:blush: Okay…don’t laugh but,whats a Dole Whip?? :redface:
and where can I get one???


As long as it dosen’t have anything chunky in it, I will try it on the next trip.


It’s kind of like pineapple soft serve ice cream. But it tastes a hundred times better than it sounds.

In Disneyland, you can get a Dole Whip right outside of the Tiki Room or while you are waiting in line.

In MK, I’m assuming the Dole Whip stand is in the same area…


Nope…no chunks…nice and smooth, cool and refreshing!:happy:


NO CHUNKS!!! :blow: Ugh people, please do not keep thinking there are chunks in these things! There are NOT! :biggrin:

They are smooth, creamy, refreshing and DELICIOUS…I could eat them all day! I hope you love them as much as I do!!!


I’m beginning to think that Dzy loves chunks? :tongue:


Andrew will you being having a dole whip soon?


I think I will be partaking in one or five, yes. :tongue:


Do me a favor… ENJOY!!!


Ah yes…chunks are my very favorite thing. Especially in ice cream. :wub:

:blow: :pinch: :blow: :pinch: :blow: :pinch: :blow: :pinch: :blow:


mmmmmmmm Dole Whip :redface: :wub:
Wish I had one now.:pinch:


Can I say that Im a dole whip virgin? I will most def have to check it out- that and also Soarin… Im a virgin with that too I am ashamed to admit (pretty sure it was closed the last time I was there)


I am going to have to try my first one when we go next month.


Just seeing the title of this thread made me want to be there.

Wow, I love Adventureland. I love Dole Whips. I love Pirates of the CAribbean and the music they play in that land, and the treehouse, and the Jungle Cruise… and… and…