Doll & TeddyBear Weekend at Epcot


I was wondering if there was anyone on the DC that will be attending this year’s Doll & TeddyBear weekend at Epcot? My DM and I went last year and are unable to attend this year so we are still looking at purchasing some of the bears this year.
If you could let me know with a PM that would be great.
Thanks so much. OoO


what weekend is it this year? If I see any one posting about going, I’ll send them your way. Sorry you and DM have to miss it this year.


I remember your trip report from last year and how much you love Doll and Teddybear weekend. I hope someone here can help you out. I’ll be there the end of May, when is it,?


The dates for the show are May 19th thru the 21st. They are trying to have it along with the Garden and Flower Expo at Epcot. I know that we are going to go next year but there are so many cute limited pieces this year. (figures LOL)
Thanks for the help :mickey:


Have you called and seen if you can order anything by phone? Maybe there is a chance for that. Crossing fingers for you. :heart:


Sorry, I wish I could help but we don’t get there until the 24th. Good luck!


Yea I can call and give the CM a list of what we want etc the only bad thing is that if there are any bears left (which never happens) then they go to the phone orders. I hope that makes sense. So the reality of us getting anything is very slim. But then again ya never know.

Thanks everyone for all your help. Your the BEST