Dolly Parton's Pirates Rip Off


We just returned from a week at Garden City, SC (just south of Myrtle Beach) so while there we decided to try out the new Dolly Parton Pirates Voyage dinner show. Let me just say, she has MAJORLY ripped off a large portion of this from Disney. All the billboards in the area show a VERY Jack Sparrow like character on them. Of course not so close that she could be sued but EVERYONE associates this guy with Jack. We arrive at the show to find a “Join the Pirate Crew” make over station. Yep, total rip off of the Pirate League but not nearly as good. For $19.99 DD got a hat, flag, eyeshadow and glitter tatoo. Still I really don’t think Dolly came up with this concept on her own. The musical score used in some sections of the show were extremely close the score used in the movies. The average person would not notice any of this but any of my fellow MBers definetly would have. There were small things that immediately let you know she took some ideas from Disney. I guess just enough was changed that she wouldn’t get in trouble. We weren’t allowed to take pictures so I can’t share any. The other thing is this, WDW dinner shows have spoiled us and while this was good, it didn’t compare to HDDR. I just had to share, because even on my beach vacation my brain was at Disney! LOL!


We are heading to Ocean Isle, NC in a couple of weeks. We considered taking the kids to Dolly’s show, but decided to pass being that we decided to go back to Disney in October. Instead we are going to take them to the Ripley’s Aquarium while we are there. I am glad we decided against it after reading your review. Thanks.


It’s not that the show was bad because it wasn’t. It was just not to the standards we like. The kids enjoyed it and I would recommend anyone do it once. But for the $165 we paid for 2 adults and 2 kids (preferred seating) it just wasn’t worth it. It was the Pirate rip offs that surprised us.


If I am going to pay that much (we are also a family of 4) I expect a little more. Probably because I am “Disney Spoiled”


In all honesty i have to say I don’t blame her company…Disney is the standard when it comes to entertainment…I don’t think I have come accross very many children targeted attractions that don’t in some way mimic something about Disney…

I think Hooters has a saying that fits here though…“Often imitated, never duplicated”…there is and always will be only ONE Disney!


We just did the Aquarium at Broadway at the Beach (which btw if you’re military you get 75% off, but they don’t advertise you have to ask). They have a “Mermaid Station” in the tunnel of the Aquarium. You can get makeovers to look like Lil Mermaids. Really cute and alot like BBB but limited to Mermaids.