I just wanted everyone to be aware that the Entertainment books have a coupon for the Dolphin/Swan. We used that coupon 2 years ago, and we saved almost $1,000. You can still go to the parks early and late, and the location wasn’t bad. You do have to share a bus with all the other epcot hotels, but it doesn’t take that long. Plus, you have the boats for Epcot and MGM. The rooms are great and big! If you want a Deluxe Hotel and don’t have the money for the Disney Ones, and you have the Entertainment Book, look into the Dolphin/Swan.


Thanks, Pumpkin! That’s a great tip! :c)


Great idea!! I just hate that they charge for parking.


Hey, I wanna save $1000! :cool:


I guess to save 1000 dollars,it doesn’t make sense to moan about 7 dollars a day parking.


I valet anyway, so it costs no matter what. But I don’t remember if their parking passes are good in the Disney parks lots (for those times that you just can’t make Disney Transport work for you). Anyway, there’s nothing at all wrong with the Swan or Dolphin, they’re every bit equal to the Disney deluxe resorts.