Donald Trump and Star Wars


Anyone watching The Apprentice right now? Their task is to make a display for the new Star Wars movie. Going to watch it now…


Thanks, I think I’ll go watch!! My boys’ are big SW fans right now!


boy did they mess up … Trump was right to fire them both … I dont live in NYC and have only been there once …but even I know it takes longer the 15 minutes to get any where in that City!! And she just totally decided she was not going to do the presentation!!!


I never have watched the show, but I can’t wait for the movie!


:huh: there is a movie The Apprentice coming out or did you mean the latest Star Wars movie


Anyone else hoping Clay is the next one to go?


I agree. You’re never!!! late to meet anyone. Let alone someone who is this important right now. It was stupid and shows the level of committment. What was he thinking?


me me me me me !!! and I was so glad that they did not vote for him to be exempt if they lose the next task …he needs to go !!!


ME TOO! ME TOO! And I would leave more than 15 minutes early for a meeting if all I had to do was walk next door! :mickey:


Clay is just a total jerk … and palmickey I am the same way …of course I have issues with being late … I am always always early sometimes by as much as 30 minutes for any appt.


Hear Hear!!!


Yeah, that Clay has to be one of the biggest jerks to come along since Omarosa. ?Can’t wait to see him go. It really was almost a shame they won, cuz he woulda been out the door had they lost.

Anyone have any guesses as to who will win this one? I’m betting on Randall. He seems to be the most pulled together of the whole bunch. He’s got it all.

And besides that, if the Donald picks another white apprentice without a darn good reason, there’s gonna be trouble.


Ohhh dont even get me started on Omarosa … she was married to a guy from here …until she became a diva …poor guy kept saying she wasnt as bad as she played on TV …well I guess she was because she sure dumped him… Clay needs a liverpool kiss!!
I really like Randall, he does have it all, and I would like to see him win


Agreed, Randall has a lot of class. If there is a pool, I will go with him.