Donald's Boat closed...I'm a little bummed


Ok this may sound silly but I just found out from All Ears that Donald’s Boat will be closed during our visit. I am starting to get a little miffed because I thought that Noah would really enjoy playing here. Is it not that big a deal? I mean there are lots of other places to play but this one I thought he would really like.

RnR is out and DH really wanted to ride that :angry:

Haunted Mansion I wanted to ride and will miss.

And I kind of had wanted to see Space Ship Earth, but I knew about that one for awhile so I am ok with it.

Thank goodness BTMRR isn’t included in our dates.

It seems like these keep adding up. I feel really bad about RnR for DH because it was the only ride he wanted to go on.



Bummer. I’ve never walked around Donald’s Boat so it wouldn’t be a big deal for me. But, my brother’s kids love it because of the water. The RnR rehab is a big deal as it’s my favorite coast at WDW. It’d be really bad if they decided to rehab Thunder Mountain and RnR at the same time.


I’m sorry so much is going to be closed when you are there. I know that it wont be Donald’s Boat but there is water to play in at Pooh’s Playful Spot. We hit every water spot with our granddaughter and she loved them all.


I have a little Noah also. Mine is 2.5


I can totally understand your frustration at all these rides/attractions being closed while you are there. i know I would be gutted too but I can tell you that I am sure Noah will not worry too much as there are so many other things that he can play on and equally as much fun. Pooh’s playful spot is brilliant and our DD loved it in there. She played for hours. Also, there is a little enclosed play park just to the left of Donald’s boat that he can climb on slide down and run about in. Not to mention goofy’s train/mini coaster thing. I am sure he will be thoroughly entertained.