Donald's Breakfast vs. Crystal Palace Breakfast


Which breakfast do you prefer? We love Crystal Palace, but we are trying to find some meals at AK and The Studios. We have never tried Donald’s. Thanks!


We have never tried Crystal Palace for breakfast, but we love the Tusker House breakfast!!!


We haven’t done Donald’s since it moved to Tusker House, and that is partly because when we did it at Restaurantasaurus, we didn’t enjoy it very much. We should give it a try at the new location. We love Crystal Palace though. Pooh and friends aren’t our favorite characters, but the food, atmosphere and character interaction is always nicely balanced.


I voted CP, but honestly we love both of these places equally. This was a tough choice.:pinch:

They both are great for early park entry with an early ADR.

Love the Puffed French toast at CP.:heart: Also I like the fact that you can have your eggs made to order here, not to many buffets have that at Disney.

I love all the different foods at Tusker House too. I love the Bobotie and for some reason the Mickey waffles taste extra good here. And the Jungle Juice is just plain yum!:heart:

You won’t go wrong with either choice, but my suggestion is to do BOTH!!!:laugh:


we did tusker house for dinner and did not like it at all . so we have not tried it for bk. we love cp.


Donald’s is pretty good. But IMO, CP is wayyyy better!

The food quality is better. When we were at Donald’s, the some of the food was cold. Some of the dishes have African flare, which I thought was cool, but the little ones probably wouldn’t agree. The fruit wasn’t very fresh the last time we went. We were starving, so we ate. And we liked it, but it turned out to be our least favorite meal of the week, ranking third in breakfast (1 - 1900 Park Fare, 2 - Crystal Palace, 3 - Donald’s Breakfast Safari).


I am in agreement with everyone else- go with CP! We just ate there in June and it was great- the only complaint I have is it took forever for the characters to come around and my DD wanted to meet Eeyore and he of course was the last one- but it was worth the wait! AND, there is nothing like walking down Main Street when no one is there.


Crystal Palace’s menu blows away Tusker House at breakfast, starting with the greater variety of selections and ending with the omelet station, which Tusker House lacks, as they do the capability or desire to cook omelets to order in their kitchen.

I’d go with CP first, 1900 second, Chef Mickey’s and Cape May Cafe tied for third.
Tusker House is hard for me to get a reservation for and the one time we ate there, I wasn’t impressed with either the menu or the character interaction. In fact, we were ignored by characters. Those are the character breakfasts, but I rate Boma with 1900 in terms of menu.
Compared to Tusker House, Breakfastosaurus was far better and on par with Cape May Cafe. I think the only reason I rank 1900 higher is because of the Mad Hatter, otherwise it would be a 4 way tie between 1900, Cape May, Chef Mickey’s and Boma.


hmmm… this thread has made me think hard about our character breakfast choices. I am torn now! We LOVED Donald’s Safari breakfast! We found teh food delish and who doesn’t love teh Fab 5, and here you even get Daisy! We have a resi for our October trip and are pretty excited about it!

That said, curious about CP! We have heard the food there is terrific, but we have absolutely no interest in Pooh and his croud (sorry, no offense). I wish they could make this a Toy Story breakfast and wow, there would be NO COMPETITION!


They were originally going to have a Pixar character breakfast at Hollywood and Vine but at what seemed to be the last minute, they switched to Playhouse Disney.
I think a lot of people would have wanted the Pixar meal more.


I would love to see a good character breakfast at the Studios. Pixar characters would have been terrific and would have inerested a much larger group!


From what i remember crystal palace tends you rush you out if your not one of the first patrons…


We thought they both were good but Pooh and friends are not our favorites.
We just wanted a good b-fast in the park :slight_smile: Both will give you that!


DD gave us no choice. CP because Piglet is her best bud. Even @ 21.


Not so. I’ve never been rushed or felt rushed at Crystal Palace for any meal. If you’ve felt rushed or pressured, the pressure was probably coming from yourselves in order to get back out to the park.
In fact, many times we’ve gotten the latest breakfast reservation we could (10:30-10:40) and watched as they switched over to lunch and then eaten lunch dishes ourselves.
I’ve eaten at Crystal Palace well over 20 times now, maybe as many as 30 or more.


ahhh well. my favorite has always been the cape may cafe character breakfast anyways…


A Toy Story Breakfast would be awesome!!! I always wondered why they haven’t at least tried one for 6 months to see response… I think Disney would be surprised at how popular it would be!


My family and I were just talking about this today and we all voted CPB!

DB does have a really good juice…I forgot what it is called:mickey:


cp is a must do for us every trip we have never felt rushed. even when we did not have a adr.


we also absolutely love ohanas for bk… yummy juice.